Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chomsky Opposed to BDS


"If you really hate the Palestinians it's a good step because it is going to harm them." - Noam Chomsky

Perhaps this is common knowledge among those of us who follow such things, but I was unaware of it.

We all saw the recent Finkelstein video in which that particular... person... objected to BDS as a sort-of "cult," but I had no idea that Grandpa Munster was also opposed.

There was a time when I admired Chomsky, before I realized that the so-called "manufacture of consent" was little more than warmed over Gramsci and before I became profoundly alienated from the progressive movement.


  1. Heh, Gilad Atzmon and his crowd have really dissed these guys now that they are against BDS. Same on some of the antizionist, so called anti-fascist far left sites I monitor from time to time. It's great fun watching them contort and squirm about who Loves Palestinians and Hates Israel the "proper," way.

  2. Re: Gramsci et al. A huge number of Progressives come from this Commie/Marxist pedigree. It's where they had to land after the humiliating crash and burn of their former movements and ideology. It's also why so many Progressives seem so freaking dumbass.

  3. Replies
    1. Hopefully they will continue to eat their own. Yum yum.

    2. Finkelstein is truly vile.

      This notion of the Holocaust as an "industry," something to be consumed.

      How fucking sick and evil is that?

    3. Made HIM a few bucks tho didn't it? His main reason I suspect like most of his vile kind.....Communist and anti-Zionist.

  4. Chomsky was awarded the "Sydney Peace Prize" in 2011. It is impressive how closely the Australian left admires and apes the American left given how anti-American these creeps are.

    At the time I wrote this article. I thought Chomsky was vile but you are quite right. Finkelstein is something truly odious.

    Even Noam Chomsky says BDS is Antisemitic

    Any remaining readers of WD will likely know my opinion of the hugely famous leading left intellectual , 2011 Sydney Peace Prize recipient and scrawny old git, Noam Chomsky

    Here's a video of the great man having a spray about BDS a while back. It's about fifteen minutes but well worth the listen. I've watched through three times now.

    The underlying message is as disgusting as ever of course but anybody who regards themselves of the thinking left should at least listen to what this nasty old man has to say.

    BDS is hypocritical to the high heavens. Anything that targets Israel alone can be attacked as antisemitism and "unfortunately this is with justice". It harms the "whole movement" It harms the Palestinians and this is so obvious it is probably intentional. It is a gift to the Israeli hardliners and their American supporters. "You may as well just join AIPAC and be done with it".


    Those are not my words. This is what Noam Chomsky himself says!

    There is something very strange about Chomsky at the very core of the man but no would deny the old goat is as cunning as a shtetl rat, as they say in Saudi Arabia. He knows when the dickheads are on a loser. They should listen to the man.

    1. There was a gentlemen on My Left Wing who went by the name Madscientist. The Madscientist suggested that the problem with Chomsky is that he is one of those guys who grew up with very high ideals and when, as an adult, he discovered that neither the US, nor Israel, quite live up to those ideals, he turned on them entirely, thinking that since they fail to live up to his ideals they are, in fact, monstrous.

      I do not know if that is truly a fair characterization, but it has some ring of truth to it, I suspect.

      btw, geofff, if the Australian left follows the American left and if the American left follows the European left and if the European left follows... Hamas... well?... where does that leave us?!


  5. How on earth is this going to help those Israelis who still believe there is a chance for peace, and their foreign supporters? A global antisemitic campaign aimed at tearing down the Jewish state right on the eve of an UN general resolution "recognising Palestine" but not recognising any border to Palestine, explicitly or implicitly, between the "river and the sea".

    A journalist in Libya reported the other day "an old Arabic saying" he picked up from fighters closing in on Tripoli.

    "You can piss on me but don't tell me it's raining"

    Says it all really.

    Everyone who has any remaining interest at all in this important subject need to be very clear about one central fact. Israel is not about to dissolve like a pillar of salt as if it was the old apartheid regime in South Africa. Israel is not the old apartheid regime in South Africa and those who would suggest this racist lie must be confronted.

    Why not accept the Jewish state? It's been there for over sixty years now and it is one of the most successful and productive nations on the planet. That deluded old American man may actually believe that the US can be persuaded to abandon Israel as if it was the old apartheid regime in South Africa by some kind of American domestic campaign, but he of course is plain crazy. His job ultimately is to persuade Americans to abandon America. Israelis have their version. So does Australia. Every country does. It's just that in some countries they are free to say what they like and in other countries they get their heads chopped off and in America they arefreest of all. Surely that is the whole point on the subject of human rights.It is also at the very core of the relationship between the American and Israeli peoples and that's just for a start.

    The nasty old hard core left just don't get that.

    Sooner or later you must ask this question

    Is there space for the Jewish state between the river and the sea?

    BDS says no.

    Fatah says no.

    Hamas says kill all the Jews.

    So do a lot of other people.

    Where do you stand?

    Why do the "friends" of Palestine not ask their "friends" that question? Whoever "they" are.

    If you have listened to that video you may also be interested in the great man again on the subject here in an earlier discussion in a classroom.

    Note the rapt girl in the red top who at one point "outs herself' as on some Jewish network of some kind. I couldn't catch the name because she garbled it but obviously she thought this was important.

    These people fascinate me.

    The great man is due in Sydney later this year to pick up his peace prize. November suddenly got interesting.

    There might even be an opportunity for some one to put the question to the man himself.

    Where does he stand?