Monday, March 26, 2012

He Sent The Footage To Al Jazeera TV

'French gunman sent footage to Al Jazeera TV' By REUTERS 03/26/2012 22:26 French police source says TV network received computer memory drive containing a montage of footage...Video footage filmed by the French gunman Mohamed Merah during his bloody shooting spree has been sent to the Al Jazeera television network in Paris, a police source said on Monday.
Al Jazeera received a computer memory drive containing a montage of footage accompanied by Islamist war songs, and sent the package on to police on Monday, the source close to the investigation told Reuters.
You know, this story just gets sicker and sicker.


  1. I wonder what the rates of French aliyah is these days?

  2. And how's this for chutzpah?:

    Toulouse gunman’s father plans to sue France over son’s death

    "I will hire the biggest named lawyers and work for the rest of my life to pay (their) costs. I will sue France for having killing my son.",7340,L-4208453,00.html

    Instead of suing France, perhaps he should have taught his kid not to harbor genocidal anti-Semitism within his heart.

  3. Although they eventually decided not to, Al Jazeera (Terrorist TV) CONSIDERED showing the footage. French Jewish leaders are rightfully outraged. Al Jazeera should be widely condemned for the scum they are.

    1. What I continue to fail to understand is how it is that Jewish people continue to miss the obvious connection between Jihadis screeching for violence against us and actual Jihadi violence against us.

      Progressive-left diaspora Jewish politics could hardly be more dumb.

  4. Europe is the front line, no less than Israel, and perhaps more when it comes to militant Islam.

    Muslims outnumber Jews in France by 10 to 1 and are becoming more brazen.

    In Norway, there are just 1,200 Jews, but according to a Jewish leader there, during the last month there were eleven antisemitic acts committed.

    This article by Soeren Kern, entitled "Europe's Islamic Future Has Arrived" provides some detail:

    Jews are threatened across Europe. Of course, it's not just the militants, but their enablers and also the Jew haters from the Right. A tiny minority should not be subject to such persecution or singularly denied to be treated as victims. It illustrates, to me, that antisemitism is endemic from virtually every direction.

  5. "Boy beaten near Paris Jewish school

    Youths reciting anti-Semitic slogans assault 12-year-old boy outside Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in Paris

    Associated Press
    Published: 03.27.12, 23:18 / Israel News

    A 12-year-old boy was beaten outside his Jewish school in Paris by youths reciting anti-Semitic slogans, school officials say, amid continued high security and tensions in France. ",7340,L-4208904,00.html

    1. There are only two places left for Jews in this world, Israel and the United States.

    2. Maybe Australia and Canada, eh?

      4 places.

      But not Europe, that's for sure.


      Actually, maybe I should retract that entire comment. There are all sorts of places where Jews can live.


      North America.


      Japan and all of Far East Asia.

      But not Europe or the Muslim Middle East.

      And, sadly, Latin America is looking dicey.

  6. Off-topic in a specific sense, but on-topic in a general sense, and important:

    Jewish Stockholm Syndrome

    1. Also, please check out the following article.

      How did the Holocaust happen? Just look around.

      (... which is an article that includes a side-by-side presentation of German Nazi (National Socialist (NAtionalsoZIalistische)) political cartoons from the 1930's, and contemporary Muslim Arab political cartoons, and contemporary Western mainstream political cartoons, and contemporary Western so-called "Progressive" "Liberal" "Anti-Zionist" political cartoons.)


      And if anyone wishes to share, with other people, these two articles that I have listed, then please do so.

  7. "Toulouse school getting hate mail since attack
    By JTA
    03/28/2012 22:43
    School's e-mail reportedly filled with messages calling for murder of Jews, linking attack to Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "

    France has a long road ahead.

    1. This is actually not surprising, Doodad.

      One of the interesting points that Paul Berman makes is that during the height of the last intifada, when Palestinians were in the midst of a frenzy of murder, that western Leftists increased their pressure against the Jews of the Middle East.

      It's self-righteous moral blood-lust.

    2. Interesting. Sharks smelling blood.