Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daily Kossack Spreads the Contemporary Blood Libel

Mike L.

It is often said that Israel is "the Jew among nations."  Old-timey anti-Semitism, which frequently features the blood libel, is now expressed within more sophisticated circles as anti-Zionism... which frequently features the blood libel. (Shocking, I know.)

The classic blood libel, of course, was the accusation against Jews that we were killing delicious Christian babies to cook into our matzoh bread. The essence of the blood libel has nothing to do with matzoh, however, and everything to do with accusing Jewish people of a love for gratuitous violence. Its real purpose, though, is to justify and encourage the violence against us in response to the charge itself.

After all, if us nefarious Jews are cooking delicious Christian babies into our Passover matzoh, who could possibly blame anyone for whatever retaliation we might suffer? This is a dynamic that played itself out century after century after century, resulting in a European Jewish experience utterly replete with anti-Jewish pogroms and slaughters and expulsions, continuing to this very day as we just saw in the news out of France.

But now there is Israel. First there was the Holocaust and now there is Israel. After the Holocaust direct anti-Semitism fell out of fashion and therefore the anti-Semites simply transferred their expressions of hatred from the Jewish people to the Jewish state, including the blood libel, itself.

Israelis are not generally accused of cooking delicious Christian babies into their Passover matzoh, but they are regularly accused of loving war and brutality and murder, not to mention the killing of innocent Palestinians for the purpose of harvesting their organs for sale on the black market.

Today over at Daily Kos we have a "progressive"... who goes by the appropriate moniker of "Weasel"... telling the world the following in reference to a New York Times article:

This op-ed perfectly illustrates the self-described Israeli campaign of terrifying US decision-makers (and the populace at large). There is never any actual discussion of the NEED for an Israeli attack. No discussion of any possibility of success. Indeed, the attack itself is hardly mentioned, because the attack itself is immaterial. Hence, Israelis paint themselves as irrational actors. The only purpose of any attack would be to drag the US into a devastating war with Iran. Likewise, without any direct point to attack Iran, Israel would never actually mount such an irrational attack. The only point to this constant fear-mongering campaign is to terrify US leaders into mounting an attack for Israel, an attack that, as the op-ed itself describes, is filled with negative consequence that will rebound for generations.

It is very common on the progressive-left for anti-Semitic anti-Zionists (or Israel Haters) to perpetually describe Israeli intentions in the worst manner possible via suggesting that Israel wants nothing so much as murder and mayhem and the blood of non-Jews for no reason beyond their malicious enjoyment of killing people.

The writer above acknowledges zero legitimacy to any Israeli or Jewish fears concerning Holocaust Part Deux if Iran gets the bomb. This despite the fact that on a daily basis throughout the Middle East radical Jihadis scream for Jewish blood. This despite the fact that prominent Iranians have called for the destruction of the state of Israel. This despite the fact that Iran held a Holocaust Denial Conference not too long ago.

Yet for this Daily Kos writer the only real concern that Israel's leadership has is "to drag the US into a devastating war with Iran." Israeli security is irrelevant even as the bombs continue to drop on S'derot fired by the Iranian proxies of Hamas.

What this writer is doing is nothing less than the contemporary blood-libel. What he certainly is not doing is writing "criticism." Criticism is not the intentional spreading of hatred and that is what is happening on Daily Kos.

Day after day after day.

They spread hatred toward the Jewish state because, ultimately, progressive-left anti-Semitic anti-Zionists, of the kind that frequent places like Daily Kos, want to soften up Israel for its eventual dissolution as the nation-state of the Jewish people. And if, in the mean time, little Jewish kids are murdered by Jihadis filled with this kind of ideological incitement to hatred?... well?... we have it coming to us, now don't we?

Just like every single other generation of Jews for the last 2,000 years.


  1. What these antizionists should think about is the extent of the blood on their hands for parroting and apologizing for terrorist rhetoric. The Jihadists are monsters but they get moral support from those who demonize Israel and so make it easy for the monsters to equate Jewish children and rabbis in France and Mumbai as targets for perceived Israeli crimes.

    Antizionism is racism; the deadliest kind.

    1. How is this different from Nazism again?

      The Nazis told one another that the Jews were vicious scum responsible for untold slaughter and blood.

      The Heathlanders of the world tell one another that the Jewish state is vicious scum responsible for untold slaughter and blood.

      And then 3 little Jewish French kids get their heads blown off by a guy who believe that the Jewish people are vicious scum responsible untold slaughter and blood.



      Why be loyal to a political movement that accepts this as part of their larger constituency?

  2. The blinders that some must wear must be incredibly strong to allow them to honestly believe their narrow view in pursuit of a charade.

    1. It may be blinders but I suspect it's more that they have been brainwashed by ideologies along the way. Mostly Marxist and all its insidious branches.

    2. No argument. Hopefully, events will discredit the intelligentsia.