Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is being anti-Israel a liberal value?

(hat tip Israel Matzav)

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  1. Doodad,

    I thought that we already had this conversation.

    The problem is just a few fringe people on Daily Kos and that's pretty much it.

    Are you claiming that two major progressive organizations, Media Matters and the Center for American Progress harbor anti-Semitic anti-Zionists?

    This is not possible because I have it on good authority that a few fringe people on Daily Kos are pretty irrelevant.

    1. Can you EVER forgive me? I keep forgetting...

    2. Well, that's fine, but watch it next time, OK?

      If we tell the truth... that the progressive movement has made a home of itself to anti-Semitic anti-Zionists... it could hurt Obama's chances for reelection, and that is simply unacceptable.

      If we seek the truth about the relationship between the progressive movement and the anti-Zionist Left it is something akin to being a Republican... and you know how icky they are.

  2. And I have it on good authority that your new friends in the Republican Party are running one candidate that hangs out with Neo-Nazi's, another candidate that believes we need more "Jesus" in Government, and a third candidate that won't distance himself from the odious practice of post mortem conversions of Jews (just ask Daniel Pearl's family) but does that stop you from pimping for them?

    No, a few douchenozzles at DKos, and Huff Po. and one bad hire at Media Matters and it's "LOOK OUT JEWISH PEOPLE, don't vote for Democrats". But Rabid Anti-Semites speaking at CPAC, a host of anti-Semitism at worst and insensitivity to Jewish Voters at best in the Party you pimp for and it's "Hey no problem, at least they'll visit Israel".

    This is why you guys are kind of a joke. Honestly.

    You yap about Jewish values and defending Israel but when people who actually practice Judaism come around you call them "wombats" and tell them to take a hike. You spend the rest of your time worrying about how we "Progressive Zionists" simply are "disgusting" or some other phrase you use, because you think we are too scared to speak up against Islam. FYI, we fight that battle everyday on DKos - remember we have all gotten smacked by Markos for standing against anti-Semitism. Just because I and others don't engage in your hateful rhetoric doesn't mean we are "afraid", it just means we aren't bigots.

    Well, here's a cool thing for you - for all your whining about President Obama and Israel. Guess who you should also complain about? You want three guesses? Nah, I will just tell you. How about the Israelis themselves.

    You should tell them how they are misguided about their own destiny. That you know better. Because you know, you are such a good Zionist. Silly Israeli Jews..... what do they know.

    No boys, your real issue is that it is you who are terrified of the Muslim hordes. Sharia in America? Are you fucking kidding me? One judge does something stupid and the whole country is getting ready to make the hajj to Mecca? Jeebus. You hate Muslims so much you front page a guy quoting Eric Allen Bell WHO was donutted by many of us for his anti-Semitic commentary. But hey, he hates MOOSLIMS too - so I guess it's alright.

    Your agenda is not about standing up for Israel - it is about standing up for the Israeli Right Wing and building "Fortress Israel", which is kinda funny because Michael, they wouldn't accept you in a minute given certain things. It's easy to think you are all that for Israel but you aren't there and you don't have children that have to serve in the IDF. You are all fired up to sacrifice them (the Israelis) for your standing up to the radical Jihad - but what the hell are you sacrificing? NOTHING.

    For such a smart guy (and you all are pretty bright) you guys do and say some dumb shit. Why don't you try advocating FOR something rather than against something? Why don't you advocate for how to make Israel or America a better place? That is the hard part. It's easy to whine - it's a lot harder to look for solutions.

    1. Hi VB,

      thanks for dropping by.

      So, what do you think of this assertion?

      The progressive movement, and the activist base of the Democratic Party, creates and supports venues that demonize and defame the Jewish state, thereby also creating hatred toward the Jewish people.



      And why is it that Barack Obama met with the Muslim Brotherhood in spring of '09, shortly before helping to usher them into power during the ironically named "Arab Spring"?

      Why was that, do you suppose?

      And how is it that Barack Obama could compare the rise of radical Islam to "those patriots in Boston who refused to pay taxes to a King, or the dignity of Rosa Parks as she sat courageously in her seat"?

      The purpose of this site is to discuss the relation between the progressive left and anti-Semitic anti-Zionism.

      The purpose of this site is to discuss the failure of the progressive-left to acknowledge the rise of the Jihad throughout the Middle East since Obama has become president.

      And, of course, the purpose of this site is to discuss just how it is that Barack Obama threw any possibility for a peaceful resolution to the Arab-Israel conflict into the toilet, while claiming that Jews need to search their souls if they want peace.

      You don't like it?

      Too bad.

    2. And you are sacrificing what pray tell?

      Have you looked around the world? America and Israel already are among the better places. Some people want it to continue and understand that there are many that do not.

      And by the way, YOU are no less involved in worrying about others, calling them deranged and using religion for political reasons. Indeed, your talk is no more FOR something than anyone else's.

      And when you worried about "Israel Firsters" it WAS disgusting.

      You see, everything you criticize in others you are doing yourself.

  3. "Terrified of the Muslim hordes?"

    Pshaw! Ditto on the rest of what you are saying. This is getting nuts.

  4. Oh no.. it's ok Michael. It's your site, you guys can do whatever you like. I support that.

    Far be it from me to tell you who to shill for and who not shill for. I think it is pretty funny though that you are willing to shill for people who fundamentally don't and won't support you as soon as they get what they want. I think it's awesome that you claim to be this great defender of Jews - grandly proclaiming that the "Day of the Dhimmi" is done, but, what makes you and your brave crew of Keyboard warriors against the Jihad here, the ones who can do that? What? You republish GOP talking points and lies? Ooooh now that is something to be proud of.

    All you are really doing is whining about how "Teh EBILZ Progressives are hating on you". You are the Dhimmi Michael, you just don't know it. You do the bidding of those who are not your friends or friends to the Jewish people. You think all these Rightwing Christian Zionists are your pals? Think again. They're not.

    Oh and before you even think it, I don't think the hard leftists and the Islamists are my good buddies. I know what they stand for. They don't stand for anything I like. But neither do the Christian Zionists because once they get what they want you, and I and all of our people are just going to go back to being g-dless heathens who killed Christ.

    Honestly Michael, I am really just saddened by all this, but this is what Rightists do. You once said that it was Progressives destroying the Jewish community. But you were wrong. It is you Rightists that are doing it. You folks claim to be the "real" Zionists and everyone else is just either "wussified" or whatever. It is you all who are destroying Zionism, not us. You are the ones tearing this community apart with your demands about who is a "good Jew" and who can't be trusted. You and your co-horts do a real dis-service to Zionism and our community. Congrats.

    1. The thesis is that there is too much antisemitic behavior among and tolerated by the progressives and Democrats.

      I think it applies more to the former than the latter, but reasonable minds may differ.

      I suggest that the evidence is seen every day, and that you have your head in the sand, too busy worrying about Romney the Mormon.

      I think that your claim to be the protector of Jews is laughable. When someone steps forth to show actions that constitute threats, you call them names.

      You ridicule others, but it takes no courage what you do either.

      Nothing much from you on the Harvard Conference, or Apartheid Week, but you bravely come down on Santorum.

  5. Reply to oldschool...

    AHAHAHA you have no idea what I do and what I don't do. I haven't sacrificed much (except for personal things),though at the same time I don't go wandering around making judgements or pronouncements on who are good Jews and who are not. What the fuck do you even know about any of that?

    As for the rest of your truly idiotic comment: You think I don't realize or understand the uniqueness of Israel and/or America? You are a fucking moron. I have lived in both places. I have family AND friends in both places. I heartily support both countries. But unlike you, I am proud of both countries - I don't need to lie quivering under the bed whining about the EBILZ MOOSLIMS. If that means that I don't like either Israel or America you should seriously have your fucking head looked at.

    As for what I worry about - I worry about things that affect us at home and as a community. If you don't think I offer my opinion on solutions then you aren't reading what I write. That's your fault. Of course you are too busy whining about how we pick on Republicans and are not focused on spreading the hate 24/7.

    Finally as for your "America Firsters" Comment. Do you think for one minute you could stop lying. Just for one minute. Holy shit man - are you really that dumb. Read the gosh darned article again. You know because reading is fun-da-mental.

    SO take your pissy little defense and shove it up your ass. You don't know what the fuck you are talking about. You really don't.

    Shalom Chaver (if you even know what that means).

    1. As Hoodoo said regarding your diary:

      Can you point to a single American Jew who believes support for Israel is contrary to American interests and yet supports Israel anyway?

      I thought not.

      Whether you appreciate it or not, your diary encourages the view that American jews who support Israel are "israel firsters" who should be condemned. Your diary encourages the idea that American Jews have dual loyalties. You made Walt and Mearsheimer proud.

  6. One more thing. I do not say who is a good Jew or a bad one. I leave that to you to decide, as you will.

    Just as I do not know who you are, you do not know about me. Yet you have seen fit to classify me and call me a liar.

    I do know, however, that you act like a thin skinned child.