Friday, March 9, 2012

Why The UN Is A Joke.


UNESCO has decided to keep Syria on its Human Rights Committee. A lot of countries including the US are ticked off but hey, it is the lousy UN isn't it? And more importantly, the lousy UNESCO who rewarded a non-state status even while that non-state bombed Israel, celebrated genocidal mass murderers and named streets and buildings after them.

Oh, and that's just ONE reason the UN is a sick joke.

Here's another:

UN women's rights panel due to condemn Israel in close of annual session

Israel's envoy to UN Prosor bemoans Commission on the Status of Women 'obsessive' preoccupation with Palestinian issue, while ignoring women being 'butchered, tortured, raped' in Syria. 

Once again the UN beclowns itself.

Meanwhile in newly "Democratic," thanks to the Arab Spring (HA!),  Egypt, the hits just keep on rollin' in:

A women’s conference organized by the dominant Islamist bloc in the Egyptian parliament has called for a council for families to replace the existing National Council for Women, a state-owned daily reported on Friday.

The conference, held Thursday on International Women’s Day, also condemned the 1978 U.N. convention against gender discrimination saying it was “incompatible with the values of Islamic sharia” law, the Al-Ahram newspaper reported.


  1. Let me quote the illustrious DU commenter (before he was purged) Jim Sagle, who often said (and it does bear repeating:

    "The UN ain't nuthin' but shit."

  2. Amazingly, or perhaps not so, Obama wants to fun them with what was a backdoor waiver.