Monday, March 26, 2012

This Gentleman Has a Comment

Mike L.

Under a very good and concise article over at Y-Net by Asaf Romirowsky, entitled "Response to ‘Zionist BDS’", concerning the recent Peter Beinart nonsense, a commenter wrote the following:

They are not open minded

These Jewish haters of Israel, like Beinart, are anything but open-minded, Rather, they are empty headed and delusional. They are not decent enough to understand that the BDS campaign is not for peace. It is a front for the antisemites to destroy Israel as a Jewish state. With nonJewish Jews, no matter how many facts are apparent and available to them, they refuse to even acknowledge reality. For example, when one cites the refusal of Arafat to even make a counterproposal to Clinton and Barak's offer, it doesn't matter. When Oslo was breached by launching a murderous intifada that targeted innocent Israeli civilians, they don't hear. When they learn of the refusal of Abbas to even make a counter-offer to Olmert's peace plan, they rationalize that Olmert and Abbas were "too weak" for an agreement to be put in place. When the issue of Gaza is brought up, they excuse the rockets because Sharon never had the Palestinians sign on the dotted line that they would be peaceful. Some people cause great suffering by their misplaced good intentions.

Phil, USA (03.25.12)

With the sole exception of the notion of "nonJewish Jews," I could not agree more.

Good for you, Phil!

For those of you who do not obsess over the Arab-Israel conversation in the West, Peter Beinart is a former editor for The New Republic (much to Marty Peretz's sadness, I am sure) and has written a book that advocates boycotting Jews in Judea and Samaria, an area of land dubbed by Jordan "the West Bank."

The reason that Beinart advocates for a racist boycott against Jews who dare to live where Mahmoud Abbas and Barack Obama do not want them to live is because he seems to think that persecuting some Jews will be beneficial to the rest of us.

I think that he's a malicious moron, but that's just me.

This is a high-profile Jewish editor and analyst that has written horrendous nonsense that justifies Arab and "Palestinian" anti-Semitism... of course, progressive-left Jewish discourse on this subject is filled to overflowing with horrendous nonsense that justifies Arab and "Palestinian" anti-Semitism.

Beinart is merely riding a small wave and, little bastard that he is, he'll make a few bucks at the expense of Jewish well-being.


  1. This is a good response to Beinart as well:

  2. Jihadis murder Jews.

    Progressive anti-Zionists then justify the murders as "resistance."

    Then progressives justify the anti-Zionists who have justified our murder.

    And it goes round and round and round, year after year.

  3. Israel's first and foremost obligation is its survival and the survival of all its people. People like Beinart want to upsurp that obligation for their own ideological well being. Screw them.