Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daily Kos Comment of the Day: The Theft of Jewish History


I have been to Gaza. Its a Concentration Camp. (2+ / 0-)

by dragon82a on Tue Mar 06, 2012 at 02:19:42 PM PST

The appropriation of Jewish history by the Palestinians, and their progressive-left allies, is an ongoing effort that takes various forms and makes various claims. Suggesting that Jews are the new Nazis and Palestinians are the new Jews is something that I have written on before.

A common suggestion among Israel hating and anti-Semitic "progressives" is that the Gaza strip is in fact a big, open air concentration camp. The claim is made in order to suggest that just as the Nazis slaughtered perfectly innocent Jews by the millions during the Holocaust, so Jews are doing the same to Palestinian Arabs in the Gaza strip.

The claim is, of course, pure propaganda and nonsense, but it serves the purpose of delegitimizing Israel before a western audience, which is precisely why it is made.

The individual who wrote the comment above claims to have been to Gaza.  I have no reason to doubt that, but I am guessing he's never actually been to a functioning concentration camp.  There is no possible way that any conscience and responsible adult who has actually been to a concentration camp could ever compare such a place to the Gaza strip.

Concentration camps, obviously, tend not to come with luxury resort hotels.

This is how insensitive and vicious "progressives" tend to be toward Jews. My father's side of the family was actually wiped out by the Nazis. They never made it to concentration camps, though. They were forced to dig trenches in the Ukraine and then they were lined up and shot dead.

And now we have these flip and ignorant "progressives" on places like Daily Kos telling Jews that what we went through during the last century is precisely what we are giving the Palestinians. It's basically a way of using the worst tragedy that the Jewish people have ever suffered as a bludgeon against us.

Why we would tend to support a political movement that befriends these kind of vicious anti-Zionists and Israel haters remains beyond me.

I suppose that it is just the nature of dhimmitude to be weak and compliant.

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  1. Those who use this and other such tropes are immediately recognizable as antisemites. No doubt, no second chances.