Friday, March 16, 2012

Daily Kos Nazis Push Anti-Semitic ZOG Theory (Updated)


In a post entitled "Israeli Lobby is in Danger of Proving Conspiracy Theorists Right" Kossack Nazi dirk41 suggests that the "Israeli lobby" actually does control the US government and is seeking to push the United States into war with Iran.

In the summer of last year Bibi Netanyahu humiliated our President in the oval office, which was summarily followed by U.S. Congressmen giving Bibi 29 standing ovations (lest a congressman be caught by a political opponent of giving an insufficient amount of adoration to the Israeli Prime Minister).

And now it seems the Israeli lobby is using this influence to push us into a war with Iran. Laura Friedman of Peter Beinart's brand new blog, Zion Square, points out that Walt and Mearsheimer's theories could be aptly applied to the Iran debate:

The Nazi strain in the progressive-left, much like the Nazi strain in 1930s Germany, loves to tell the world that some nefarious Jewish influences are behind the scenes, pulling the strings, forcing the various governments to do this or that bloody action that is against the will of the people or benefit to the people.

It's the same old accusation that we got from the actual Nazis and that we get on a daily basis from much of the Muslim world and that we got throughout Eastern Europe before the pogroms of an earlier day. The ultimate message conveyed is that the Jews are evil warmongers who must be stopped at all costs.

They have absolutely no sympathy for the Jews under siege in the Middle East and honestly believe that the tiny Jewish nation is a behemoth that controls the US government. This kind of talk ultimately is genocidal as we have seen consistently throughout Jewish history.

It ever only leads to one thing: violence against us.

Sometimes the violence is relatively mild, as in individual attacks against individual Jews, but sometimes the violence is not relatively mild. In either case it always starts with Nazis telling one another how the Jews or the "Jewish lobby" or the Zionists or the "Israeli lobby" or AIPAC, or whatever euphemism seems most appropriate at the moment, control things to the detriment of the non-Jewish population.

People need to be reminded, I think, of the banal nature of "evil." It's all so casual. So natural. Just regular folk chatting up the nefarious nature of Jews in this way or that.

And that is precisely what we see coming out of the progressive movement. Apologists like to claim that it's only a few fringe characters on places like Daily Kos, but I believe that they are whistling past the graveyard.  A few fringe characters on places like Daily Kos do not make decisions for Harvard or Yale or the University of Pennsylvania.


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I hate to say this but this story of a small group of Jews getting an empire to do something it doesn't want to do is the crucifixion story all over again. Pilate had 100% control over Judea, he could execute anyone he saw fit. Yet somehow even though he thought Jesus was innocent, a crowd of Jews living under military occupation with no real power made Pilate execute him. This old story of the inflated power of Jews within a society never seems to go away. Though you'd think a group that controls the media could tamp this down. : )

by RobbyMcP on Fri Mar 16, 2012 at 10:25:27 AM PDT

Is this meant as snark?

I certainly hope so.


  1. The 1930's and the Present Time:

    Johann von Leers and Walt/Mearsheimer, by Clemens Heni

    "Most people think that the book 'Israel Lobby' by Stephen Walt and John J. Mearsheimer was published in 2007 -- at the same time in the US and in Germany, by the way. Well, the first edition of that book was rather published in 1940 -- by leading National Socialist anti-Semitic publicist Prof. Dr. Johann von Leers."

    The 1930's:

    Harvard's Nazi Ties, by Stephen H. Norwood

    The Present Time:

    Harvard’s Academic Pogrom, by Steven Plaut

    Yale Kills YIISA, by Clemens Heni

    "'Yale University last week killed the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism — the only program of its kind in the country, an academically stellar one-stop anti-Semitism research shop. Worse, it almost certainly did so because YIISA refused to ignore the most virulent, genocidal and common form of Jew-hatred today: Muslim anti-Semitism.'

    "If one is analyzing the most dangerous form of contemporary antisemitism, you are censored, defamed, bullied, and finally thrown out from campus: highlighting Muslim and Arab antisemitism is taboo.

    "In that sense, American academe is like its counterpart in Europe.

    "Analyzing liberal and left hypocrisy, YIISA Associate Professor Neil Kressel, already showed in 1992 that progressives aim at antisemites as long as they are right-wing or Nazis. Antisemitism from the Third World or from minority groups, including the left, have never been a topic for mainstream scholars and journalists in the US. Contrary to fantasies about a powerful 'Israel-Lobby' in the US, antisemitism is very strong among the elites in America. The recent Yale decision is proof for this."

    1. A "Lobby" which, unlike the so-called "Israel-Lobby"/"Jewish-Lobby", is a "Lobby" that actually directs and represents actual foreign policies of the U.S. government:

      The Arab Lobby, by Lee Smith

      "... Mitchell Bard's [book] describes how this Arab lobby — from U.S. foreign service officers, oil companies, Christian anti-Zionists, and Ivy League universities to Gulf Arab states, Arab-American activists and Islamist ideologues — exercises its influence in U.S. politics. ..."
      "... AIPAC is a grassroots organization funded by U.S. citizens that represents the broad sentiment of Christians and Jews who are interested in one issue—protecting and promoting the U.S.-Israel relationship. The Arab lobby, by comparison, has little organic U.S. backing and divides its efforts between two causes — oil and Palestine. ..."
      "... it is not the Palestinian cause that unites the Arabs or Arab-Americans but anti-Israel sentiment. The same goes for many of the Arab lobby's domestic anti-Zionist partners, some of whom are motivated by religious conviction, especially the Presbyterians ..."
      "... The Arab lobby's Palestine agenda, then, tends to be negative and, as Bard writes, 'aimed at undermining the US-Israel relationship,' only rarely promoting a positive vision of a Palestinian state as a regional beacon of social justice or economic development, or defending the rights of Palestinian journalists, Christians, or other endangered social groups against the threats of the Palestinian political leadership. ..."
      "... The real power is in the hands of the Arab lobby's oil sector, the role of which is to keep the Arab oil producers happy by ensuring that Americans stay addicted to oil, that the defense industry keeps its production lines open, and that the image of Arab states stays polished ..."

    2. And:

      The Western Mass-Media (which, by ignorant indoctrinated anti-Jewish racists, is called "the Zionist-controlled media")

      Anti-Semitism 2.0, by Mudar Zahran (Mudar Zahran is a Palestinian Arab writer and academic who currently resides in the U.K. as a political refugee.)

      "The concept of the 'evil Jew' has made a well-disguised comeback: Criticizing Israel and Zionists, is now deemed a legitimate option to cursing Jews and Judaism. Not only is it open, socially acceptable and legal, but it can actually bring prosperity and popularity. This new form of anti-Semitism 2.0 is well-covered-up, harder to trace and poses a much deeper danger to the modern way of life of the civilized world than the earlier crude form of it, as it slowly and gradually works on delegitimizing Jews to the point where it eventually becomes acceptable to target Jews, first verbally, then physically -- all done in a cosmopolitan style where the anti-Semites are well-groomed speakers and headline writers in jackets and ties; and not just Arab, but American and European, from "sanitized" news coverage of the most bloodthirsty radicals, to charges against Israel in which facts are distorted, selectively omitted or simply untrue, as in former President Jimmy Carter's book on Israel. ..."

      Antisemitism in the Media - The Tip of the Iceberg?, by Mudar Zahran

  2. Very good, Dan.

    Those are some interesting links.

    Now do me a favor and just leave it alone.

    You do not need to delete any of those comments or edit them or add to them or in any other way amend them.


  3. Daily Kos is fringe. Yesterday a diary commended the Palestinians activists for condemning Atzmon, while neglecting to note that they were also rejecting Jewish self-determination.

    I think it's good to point out what occurs at Daily Kos, but to me the problem is not there, but inside the "mainstream" like at Harvard and Columbia where people get a larger platform to disseminate anti-Israel hatred.

    I have only read a sample on my Kindle for PC, but this book sounds interesting:

    Genocidal Liberalism: The University's Jihad Against Israel & Jews

    1. I see it as a continuum.

      You are absolutely right to point out the problem of acidic anti-Zionism in academia, but it's all part and parcel of the same intellectual-political movement and, on the hard left, blends directly into the Jihad.

  4. I don't disagree, but think that Daily Kos is just a small bunch of people in their own echo chamber, offering the same old stuff. The content is right out of a script, and hardly ever changes. Giving them too much attention means taking one's eyes off the prize.

    Not that I am saying anything new, either. It's all such a mess from almost every direction, with people who know so much better that they are closed to any other reality.

    For example, Greenfield wrote a great piece on "Consensus" at his blog, directed at the Left, but to me it seems the problem is no less on the other side.

    No wonder we are in such a mess.

  5. Ultimately, these Israel Lobby ranters are conspiracy theorists, aka Crazies. They are being led around by the nose by far right conspiracy theories. Witness 9/11, JFK, etc etc. If they are religious, they feel a loving G-d can't let certain stuff happen so it must be the devil de jour. If atheist, the Lobby (or other all powerful entity) becomes the all powerful deity/devil missing in their worldview. Magical thinking in either case.

    Barnum was right and really nothing much can be done to change it all now that the internet is here. We preach to our choir and they preach to theirs.

  6. The update poster was showing the idiots for what they are and the original poster is miffed at him. Basically the claim by the original poster and his crowd is that someone (Jews/Israelis) have TOO MUCH POWER. This is the cry of a child who thinks a parent is unfair. Or the blather of a juvenile "progressive," who can't understand why everyone doesn't think like him. They have TOO MUCH POWER. Imagine a world where any side had all the power.

    1. I tell you one thing, the very last thing in this world that we need is for the progressive-left to take power.

      If the hard-left ever really took power they would have us in "re-education camps" so fast that your head would spin.

      I do not trust these guys.

    2. Smart position. Course you and I would sitting in front of the Principal's office every day.

  7. "Socialist and anti-Semite alike seek an all-encompassing explanation of the imperfection of the world, and for the persistence of poverty and injustice: and each thinks he has found an answer. There are other connections between left-wing thought and anti-Semitism (usually believed to be a disease of the Right alone). The liberal intellectual who laments the predominance of dead white males in the college syllabus or the lack of minority representation in the judiciary uses fundamentally the same argument as the anti-Semite who objects to the prominence of Jews in the arts, sciences, professions, and in commerce. They both assume that something must be amiss — a conspiracy — if any human group is over- or under-represented in any human activity, achievement, or institution."

    1. The Russian Loan, by KARL MARX, published in the New-York Daily Tribune on January 4, 1856

      "... Thus we find every tyrant backed by a Jew, as is every pope by a Jesuit. In truth, the cravings of oppressors would be hopeless, and the practicability of war out of the question, if there were not an army of Jesuits to smother thought and a handful of Jews to ransack pockets.

      "... the real work is done by the Jews, and can only be done by them, as they monopolize the machinery of the loanmongering mysteries by concentrating their energies upon the barter trade in securities… Here and there and everywhere that a little capital courts investment, there is ever one of these little Jews ready to make a little suggestion or place a little bit of a loan. The smartest highwayman in the Abruzzi is not better posted up about the locale of the hard cash in a traveler’s valise or pocket than those Jews about any loose capital in the hands of a trader… The language spoken smells strongly of Babel, and the perfume which otherwise pervades the place is by no means of a choice kind.

      "... Thus do these loans, which are a curse to the people, a ruin to the holders, and a danger to the governments, become a blessing to the houses of the children of Judah. This Jew organization of loan-mongers is as dangerous to the people as the aristocratic organization of landowners… The fortunes amassed by these loan-mongers are immense, but the wrongs and sufferings thus entailed on the people and the encouragement thus afforded to their oppressors still remain to be told.

      "... The fact that 1855 years ago Christ drove the Jewish moneychangers out of the temple, and that the moneychangers of our age enlisted on the side of tyranny happen again chiefly to be Jews, is perhaps no more than a historical coincidence. The loan-mongering Jews of Europe do only on a larger and more obnoxious scale what many others do on one smaller and less significant. But it is only because the Jews are so strong that it is timely and expedient to expose and stigmatize their organization. ..."

      On The Jewish Question, by KARL MARX, 1843

      "... Let us consider the actual, worldly Jew -- not the Sabbath Jew, as Bauer does, but the everyday Jew. Let us not look for the secret of the Jew in his religion, but let us look for the secret of his religion in the real Jew. What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money. Very well then! Emancipation from huckstering and money, consequently from practical, real Jewry, would be the self-emancipation of our time.... We recognize in Jewry, therefore, a general present-time-oriented anti-social element, an element which through historical development -- to which in this harmful respect the Jews have zealously contributed -- has been brought to its present high level, at which it must necessarily dissolve itself. In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Jewry. ..."

    2. Ernst Moritz Arndt, by FRIEDRICH ENGELS, published in Telegraph für Deutschland No. 2, January 1841

      "... True, it is a fixed idea with the French that the Rhine is their property, but to this arrogant demand the only reply worthy of the German nation is Arndt's: "Give back Alsace and Lorraine". For I am of the opinion, perhaps in contrast to many whose standpoint I share in other respects, that the reconquest of the German-speaking left bank of the Rhine is a matter of national honour, and that the Germanisation of a disloyal Holland and of Belgium is a political necessity for us. Shall we let the German nationality be completely suppressed in these countries, while the Slavs are rising ever more powerfully in the East? ..."

      Schelling and Revelation, by FRIEDRICH ENGELS, 1841

      "... This is our calling, that we shall become the templars of this Grail, gird the sword round our loins for its sake and stake our lives joyfully in the last, holy war which will be followed by the thousand-year reign of freedom. ..."

    3. The National Socialist (NAtionalsoZIalistische (Nazi))) Party.

  8. Good old weasel et al shilling for Iran again when the old "false flag," CT thing comes up. Rational posters object only to be lambasted by the usual suspects defending the wacko CT. Gotta love that swamp.