Thursday, March 15, 2012

Conference: Jews and the Left



The Institute for Jewish Research (YIVO), New York City

CONFERENCE | Co-sponsored by the American Jewish Historical Society, The Atran Foundation, The David Berg Foundation, and Dr. Joseph K. McLaughlin

Since the nineteenth century, Jews have played prominent roles in a variety of leftist political movements. At the same time, associations between Jews and communism have been a frequent leitmotif of antisemitic thinking. While the political Left often spoke out against antisemitism and promised Jews tolerance and an end to distinctions between Jews and non-Jews, specific, prominent, leftists espoused antisemitic ideas. In addition, Jews cultivated their own, uniquely Jewish, socialist parties and ideologies. In recent years, the relationship between Jews and the Left has been further complicated by left-wing opposition to the State of Israel and debates about the extent to which this opposition bleeds into outright antisemitism. YIVO, in association with AJHS, will bring together historians, political scientists, philosophers, and journalists from Europe, Israel, and America to discuss some of the important topics pertaining to the relationship between Jews and the Left.

This should prove very interesting.

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  1. it's about time Jews start to seriously look at this issue! i'm by no means any sort of neo-con but most leftists are no friends of mine as an American pro-Israel Jew.

    1. Can you feel it?

      The political ground is shifting on this issue.

      The thing is, I am a liberal and considered myself, until recently, a leftist.

      But Oslo is dead and Barack Obama helped kill it.

      Things are wide open, David, and we will see what is going to be.

      Stick around, eh?

    2. As you have probably experienced, to be in your position makes you a neo-con with some of these leftists.

      They are no friend of America either, or human rights, though they wear sheep's clothing.