Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Progressives Claim Jews Want War for Money


On Daily Kos a progressive racist, RJDixon74135, is claiming, in a post entitled "Really, Mr. Netanyahu? You want us to go to war for Israel's 'prosperity'?" that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants war with Iran in order to promote Israeli finances.

The progressive racist writes the following:

How does Iran having nuclear weapons capability affect Israel's prosperity? And, how many Iranian children does Mr. Netanyahu want Americans to agree to kill or risk killing to protect Israel's "propserity"?

This is what "progressives" think of Jews.

They honestly believe that Israeli concerns around Iranian nukes amount to nothing and this one thinks that it's really about Jewish greed.

I have to say, the progressive movement is emerging as the most racist political movement in the west today.

In the comments:

Yep (12+ / 0-)

The "threat" of an Iranian nuclear weapon is not that it starts a nuclear war, but that it counterbalances Israel (and the US), thus limit their freedom to dominate others in the region, and hence threatening their "prosperity."

It is a beautiful accidental moment of truth, and it should be remembered.

"How did you go bankrupt?" "Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly." - Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises.

by weasel on Tue Mar 06, 2012 at 06:19:15 AM PST


As prosperity=occupying Palestine in perpetuity, (11+ / 0-)

at least in Netanyahu's bizarro-world, then I guess there's a certain twisted logic at work there.

by Ralphdog on Tue Mar 06, 2012 at 05:58:11 AM PST

Talk about hatred.

The progressive-left is absolutely rank with hatred toward all sorts of people, particularly toward the Jewish state of Israel.


  1. Well you know how Jews are with their money. That's the gist of this antisemitic based crap. It's just a daily thing at that sewer.

    1. Just how Jewish people can remain part of a political movement that holds us in such contempt is beyond me.

    2. Furthermore, progressives seem to literally want Iran to get the bomb.

      I thought that these people were opposed to nukes?

      Not so much, really.

    3. There sure are a lot of them carrying water for Iran. Just like they carried water for the Commies.

  2. Not to mention this new diary:

    I Don't Like Israel by Dr Teeth


    Born in 1976 and ignorant as hell.

    1. What I do not understand is how people can deny that this kind of thing represents a trend of hatred within today's left?

      I mean, you still view yourself as a "progressive," if I understand you correctly, yet your movement contains an organized contingent of anti-Semites who claim that they are actually "humanists" who believe in "social justice" and that, against all reason, this means robbing Jewish people of sovereignty.

      One of the things that we are trying to do here, or perhaps that I am trying to do here, is simply to get people to recognize that anti-Zionism is a significant problem on the left.

      Is it a problem on the right?

      Not really.

      The right-wing, since Buckley, has done a pretty good job of marginalizing their anti-Semites, while the left is embracing their under the banner of anti-Zionism.

    2. I am a liberal, and quite frankly, do not recognize many self-claimed Progressives as progressive at all, but quite illiberal in both their positions and in the way they treat others.

    3. One of the more disgusting antisemitic diaries over there in awhile. And, of course, someone brings up the USS Liberty right wing conspiracy theory.

      What a smelly, racist sewer of hate dKos is. If there any real "progressives," there they will purge the place. Given the owner is Markos, good luck with that idea.