Friday, March 9, 2012

The Worst Of The Left


There are a lot of bad actors on the Left when it comes to Israel. We talk about them here all the time. One of the nastiest have been some of the various Occupy sects outlined here and even on other sites we visit. Recently some of these weirdos came out in San Franciso against Peres and Israel.

Shimon Peres serves the wealthy colonial elite and the settler state of Israel. Peres tours the world speaking on behalf of Jewish people, co-opting the history of the Holocaust. At the same time, he has on his conscience a massive arms trade and racist laws which advance the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinian peoples. His very presence at a synagogue in San Francisco normalizes settler colonialism here and in Israel, connecting two settler states in the name of Judaism and an imperial and colonial “vision of tomorrow.”

Did you catch all those tropes? Wow! Back in the USSR or what? There's a nice photo shoot at the link. Notice the assemblage of  angry Leftists and Muslims....a match increasingly made in some surreal heaven it seems.


  1. An Exceedingly Excellent Article

    The article is by Australian blogger geoffff.

    The Post That Got "Israel" Banned From Webdiary - Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism, by geoffff
    The post of the article on the blog Avatar Briefs:
    The post of the article on geoffff's blog:

    "Perhaps as late as 1947 opposition to Zionism could not be characterised as necessarily antisemitic. In 2012 it most certainly is.

    "There are strong supporters of Israel, especially in the centre-left who will argue cogently that they are not Zionists. The argument is compelling if you were born after 1948 and therefore had no hand in the establishment of the state. The truth is that like Michael Lumish I have never thought of myself as a Zionist even though I have been a passionate supporter of Israel and everything it stands for since June 1967. Friday June 9 1967 at 6.00 pm AEST to be precise. Before then I was just a supporter."


    "The point of all this is that on this view Zionism ceased to exist in May 1948 having finally achieved its purpose. It became history. Anti-Zionism should also have become history. The term survives especially in the Diaspora because the Zionist bodies and groups have continued, indeed become even more vibrant, to accommodate those who support the state. Over the years they have been able to be of enormous benefit to Israel.

    "I throw in a little history because I know how much the progressive Israel bashing left and their Jew hating allies in totalitarian states like Saddam's Iraq, Syria and Iran love history. That's always struck me as odd because anyone with any knowledge of history would know that the case for the Jewish state was always compelling, astonishingly successful and has been of tremendous benefit to the world. It could have been of tremendous benefit for the Palestinians and other Arabs too but for their spiteful mediaeval political cultures. For many Palestinians and other Arabs it has been of tremendous benefit.

    "Why do they talk about history so much? There must be a point to it.

    "When they talk about history they don't mean true history. They mean their distorted, grievance laden and bizarre keyhole take on history that has little to do with facts and much to do with inciting naked hatred and fear in the street as a political tactic to grasp or keep power. That's what totalitarian states do. The Soviet Union especially under Stalin. Mao's China. Hitler's Germany. Pol Pot's regime. Saddam's Iraq. Nasser's Egypt. Iran since the revolution. Syria. They all do it. That's why the Israel bashing left includes so many open and undercover members of the Socialist Alliance and their allies. Even outright lifelong Stalinists. They want to do the same in Australia and the rest of the West and they think the militant Islamists and their genocidal policies will help.They could be right.

    "They are used to doing the bidding of foreign totalitarian states run by psychopaths and tyrants. They did it right to the end with Stalin and his successors who funded them until the end. They were his willing agents in his cold war against the liberal democracies. Another group did the same for Mao. Hitler had his supporters and agents here even after the outbreak of war. Not just Nazis and fascists but communists and their allies, including 'pacifists', who were deployed by Stalin to help Hitler. The communists did so much to sabotage the war effort they had to be suppressed under emergency regulations. The same happened in France and the UK. This continued right up until Hitler threw Operation Barbarossa at Stalin prompting the mother of all policy reverses. These are the same people who are now allied with totalitarian Islamist regimes including Hamas and Iran."

    Read it all

    1. Indeed a good article. Historically, many forget that the Commie/Stalinist nasty left didn't just disappear. They are still there on the left, sometimes in a Red/Brown alliance, sometimes posing as neo-Marxists, etc. Sometimes they are hard to ID but when you see their typical buzzwords, Soviet style, you know who they are. And you know their agenda.

  2. And yet here on this very site.. you have severe bashing of President Peres as well... What a surprise.

    BTW, Peres right now, polls at the #1 approval rating for a political figure in Israel. But hey, according to a poster (and has NOT been disputed) here he is deluded and in cahoots with anti-Zionists.

    Oh yeah and he feels the same way I do about the Occupation so I guess... he doesn't want Jews to live anywhere they want.... and he said Barak Obama is a great friend to Israel. Jeepers.

    Ru'Roh.... does this mean you guys are part of that group with Muslims and Leftists?

    Just wondering.

  3. Are you saying there are people who are SOOOOOOO super they deserve NO criticism Volley? So someone criticizes Peres. That's a pretty Liberal value and one that at least I can get behind. Of course I draw the line at those who call him a war criminal, like those Muslims and leftists in the post I posted. You seem to draw the line at ANY criticism. I suspect deep down you really don't but it makes good partisan politicking so .....

    My personal take on Peres is that he is an iconic Israeli leader who, like all leaders, has been right and has been wrong. But he ain't a war criminal.

  4. I agree with your assessment of him - and I have met him personally (I actually didn't like him as much as I like some of his politics).

    As for criticsm - I don't draw the line at ANY criticsm. I think there is a lot to criticize him for, BUT, to call him deluded and someone who is in cahoots with anti-Zionists.... Doodad, even you have to admit that is ridiculous. Right?

    1. I get what you are saying but I see no malice in Daniel's post especially given his use of the word "ironic," which imples more unintended consequences than, as in your words, "in cahoots with anti-Zionists." Course, that's my take but you'd need to ask him to be sure.

      Generally though I think that often the well intentioned and principled DO provide ammo for the bad guys and I'm sure you know how that can work. Hell, Khamenei just praised Obama for his recent words. I'm sure that was not Obama's reason for saying those words and I'm sure Obama is not in Iran's pocket. Unintended consequences.

  5. Volleyboy,

    You accused the calling of Shimon Perez deluded as being ridiculous.

    Shimon Peres has done actions, and is doing actions, and has said things, and is saying things, that are, in fact, deluded. Shimon Peres, by doing actions and saying things that are, in fact, deluded, is demonstrating that, he is, in fact, deluded. I (in comments on the post: stated the fact that Shimon Peres is deluded, and I explained the nature of the delusion that he is in, and I expressed the fact that I, myself, at one time, was deluded in the same way that he still is. Stating the fact that Shimon Perez is deluded, and that Shimon Perez, as a result of being deluded, is doing wrong detrimental harmful actions, is not ridiculous.

    You have implicitly accused me of saying that Shimon Perez is intentionally allying with "anti-Zionist" anti-Jewish racists, and you implicitly expressed that accusing Shimon Perez of intentionally allying with "anti-Zionist" anti-Jewish racists would be ridiculous.

    Shimon Perez is, in fact, not intentionally allying with "anti-Zionist" anti-Jewish racists and is, in fact, not intentionally furthering the goals of "anti-Zionist" anti-Jewish racists, and I have not said that he is doing so.

    Accusing Shimon Perez of intentionally allying with "anti-Zionist" anti-Jewish racists would, in fact, be ridiculous.

    Misunderstanding the speech and writing of others is caused by ignorance and delusion.

    Misrepresenting the actions of others, and falsely accusing others of wrong actions which they have not done is blameworthy.

    However, I forgive you. I'm with you. Please try to understand what I have written.

  6. Fair enough guys thanks for clearing that up.

    1. And thanks for your gracious reply.

    2. Yes, thank you for your gracious reply.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  7. "Jeff Blankfort was an official speaker at the Occupy AIPAC Protest.

    His Dirty Little Secret: He appeared on a radio show right after the host praised David Duke. He went on to question the official naarative of the Holocaust and proclaim that 9/11 was a Zionist/Mossad conspiracy."

  8. Jeffrey "Holocaust, what Holocaust?" Blanfort is an avowed bigot - if you see his name attatched to a program... Run the opposite way. He calls himself a progressive but he is one of the least progressive people I have ever seen. He is a good buddy of the Mondofront people and the Ron Paul / ANSWER crowd.

    1. I know, but thanks for the reminder. Too bad they didn't know. Or maybe they did. Here's their description of him from their OccupyAipac site

      "Jeffrey Blankfort is a journalist and radio programmer with a 40-year history of activity around the Palestinian cause. His articles have appeared in CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, Mondoweiss, Pulse Media, Left Curve, and the Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. He was a founding member of the November 29th Committee on Palestine, a co-founder of the Labor Committee on the Middle East and editor of its publication, the Middle East Labor Bulletin (1988-1995). He currently hosts a twice monthly program on international affairs for KZYX, the public radio station for Mendocino County in Northern California where he now lives."

      another luminary included Alison Weir who defended Donald Boström's accusations of Israeli organ harvesting and suggested that medieval blood libel accusations had a basis in fact, etc.

      Great bunch

  9. Oh. they knew... OccupyAIPAC is a horrible anti-Semitic delusional group. You can see their stuff on Mondofront all the time. Usually along with the "I hope Ron Paul wins the election" crew.

    1. Take these guys and ALL their fellow travelers and we have THE REAL ENEMY.

      I was just looking at an article from 2009 which talks about a PDF, a LONG one, but an important one called Purifying The World. I have just begun to read it but am finding it very relevant to the things we all agree on and even some of the things we end up fighting about. I know we are all busy but I rec it to everyone who can find the time to read it. If I can find the energy I may do a long post about it sometime soon.

  10. volleyboy1,

    You referred to what you called "the Occupation".

    What is now called the "West Bank" is currently governed by an actual Nazi, Arab-supremacist, genocidally anti-Jewish organization - Fatah-PLO-PA - whose official policy is the annihilation of Israel. The government of Israel currently maintains some security control of what is now called "The West Bank".

    What is now called the "Gaza Strip" is currently governed by an official branch of the world-domination-seeking, Islamic-supremacist genocidally anti-Jewish organization The Muslim Brotherhood - Hamas. The government of Israel has absolutely no presence in, nor any control of, what is now called "The Gaza Strip".

    From 1949 until 1967, what is now called the "West Bank" was occupied by Jordan, and what is now called "The Gaza Strip" was occupied by Egypt. What is now called "The West Bank" is Yehouda and Shomron, and was renamed, by Jordan, to the name "The West Bank", referring to Yehouda and Shomron as "the west bank" of the Jordan river. From 1949 until 1967 no effort was made, nor intended, to create any so-called 'Palestinian' state in what came to be called the "West Bank" and in what came to be called "The Gaza Strip". In fact, until 1967, the PLO Charter explicitly stated that what had then come to be called the "West Bank" and that what had then come to be called "The Gaza Strip" was not part of what the PLO Charter stated was what it called "The Zionist" "occupation" of "Palestine".

    From 1967 until the late 1980's Israel performed full governmental administration of what is now called the "West Bank" and of what is now called the "Gaza Strip", and, from 1967 until the late 1980's, what is now called the "West Bank" and what is now called the "Gaza Strip" prospered, and there was, for all people, full, and easy, commuting, between Israel and what is now called the "West Bank" and what is now called the "Gaza Strip".

    It was the leaders of Israel themselves who, in the late 1980's, brought the then-almost-dissolved Fatah-PLO, from the then-residence of Fatah-PLO in Tunisia, into what is now called "The West Bank" and into what is now called the "Gaza Strip". The leaders of Israel did so on the urging of the government of the United States, and did so in a delusional effort to placate and appease the leaders of the surrounding Muslim Arab states in an effort to end the Muslim Arab states' ongoing effort to annihilate Israel. Jewish-Stockholm syndrome is detrimental. Surreal and detrimental.

    Why the government of the United States urged the government of Israel to do that is another issue. When one knows what have been the actions of the intelligence agencies, and foreign policy departments, and executive administrations, of the government of the United States toward Israel since the re-founding of Israel in 1948, one understands that government of the United States' urging Israel to bring Fatah-PLO into what is now called "The West Bank" and "The Gaza Strip" is consistent with the policies that the intelligence agencies, and foreign policy departments, and executive administrations, of the government of the United States have always had towards Israel.

    Right now, I will simply state the fact that the founding membership of the CIA was constituted by several thousand German former Nazi officials who were recruited by the founder of the CIA, Allen Dulles - who, with his friend, Jack Philby, provided, and profited from providing, petroleum from Muslim Arab states to the Nazi regime of Germany during the 1930's. Jack Philby was a British official who was one of the main administrators of the British Mandate of Palestine, and was a self-professed Socialist, and converted to Islam in 1930, and was a fervent supporter of the Nazis.

    1. The following are two books about some of this, and about other aspects of this aspect of the situation. The books are by John Loftus, who was a U.S. Justice Dept. federal prosecutor who had Above Top Secret security clearance in the U.S. government.

      The Secret War Against the Jews, by John Loftus and Mark Aarons

      America's Nazi Secret: An Insider's History, by John Loftus

    2. Typo Correction:

      "When one knows what have been the actions of the intelligence agencies, and foreign policy departments, and executive administrations, of the government of the United States toward Israel since the re-founding of Israel in 1948, one understands that the government of the United States' urging Israel to bring Fatah-PLO into what is now called "The West Bank" and "The Gaza Strip" is consistent with the policies that the intelligence agencies, and foreign policy departments, and executive administrations, of the government of the United States have always had towards Israel."

  11. I heard there were 50 anti-Israel protesters, but I believe what I see, and I couldn't count more than 10 in those photos. Pretty pathetic. And since President Peres met with Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook HQ (Zuckerberg set up his Facebook page and was the first to "like" it), as well as Sergey Brin of Google, I guess the anti-semitic BDS'ers will have to start boycotting Facebook and Google. Sucks to be BDS.

    1. Paul,

      we make a big mistake when we underestimate our enemies.

    2. BDS people make the Three Stooges look like wise old men.

      And even Norm Finkelstein has called them out for their dishonesty, making him their favorite pet Jew no more.

    3. You're right.

      There's nothing to be concerned about.