Friday, September 21, 2012

Clinton calls Libya killings a ‘terrorist attack’

Mike L.
US secretary of state says America will not rest until those responsible are brought to justice, stresses ‘offensive’ film doesn’t justify violence 
WASHINGTON (AP) — US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday said it was a “terrorist attack” that killed the American ambassador to Libya and three others. 
She added that the US would not rest until those responsible are brought to justice.
My. My. My.

That is big news, isn't it?

Can you imagine? A high-level official of the Obama administration daring to call terrorism "terrorism"? That is some sort-of concession, I have to tell you. All it took was the slaughter of 4 American diplomats in Libya and the storming of the US embassy in Cairo for the Obama administration to utter the word "terrorist."

Who knows what may happen next?

They may even decide to recognize the obvious fact that political Islam is an actual political movement throughout the Middle East that is hostile to the United States, that is genocidal toward Jews, that represses women and summarily executes Gay people and whose leaders include the mullahs in Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that Barack Obama personally helped usher into power.

Again, wasn't this president of the United States also the president of the Harvard Law Review?

I think that it was Dennis Praeger who said something like, "That is an opinion so horrendously stupid that it could only be held by someone with an advanced education."

Now if they decide to actually prevent Iranian nukes, we'll have something.  Until then I remain unimpressed.


  1. “The greater the terror, the greater the self-flagellation of its victims.”

    Melanie Philips

    1. That is a terrific insight, Doodad.

      Y'know, Berman noted that it was during the height of the Second Terror War (intifada) that western progressives (pretending to be liberals) brought their accusations against the Jews under assault to near hysterical proportions.

      I think it may be a related phenomenon.

      The truth of the matter is that the more Arab radicals seek to kill Jews in the Middle East the more western progressives will blame us for their violence toward us.

    2. And they ask "why do they hate us," trying to understand yet ignoring the real reason as stated by the Blind Sheik, "There is only Islam and not Islam."