Sunday, September 30, 2012

Eric Allen Bell Goes into Hiding

Mike L.

He writes:
I have been moved to a safe house while the FBI investigates numerous death threats against me, 3 Pakistani newspapers wrongfully published that I was "the filmmaker" behind "The Innocence of Muslims". An Islamic terrorist organization has ordered my death, and a bounty has been placed on my head. This rumor, associating me with the film, was intentionally planted by those who wish to silence me, after I published several articles, naming names and making connections between certain mosques, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. I will not be silenced. I may be physically in hiding, but I will continue to write these articles, use radio, and any and all media to expose the truth about Political Islam and those who try to advance this brand of tyranny in America.
For those of you who may not know, Eric Allen Bell is a filmmaker who has become persona non grata among progressives for daring to object to the radical Jihad.

He has now received numerous death threats.


  1. We don't need anti-Semitic anti-Zionists or radical Jihadis to savage Jews.

    No one does it better than ourselves.

    1. Well, just certain segments. I'm sure Norm Finkelstein, David Harris-Gershon and those who say things like 'if they ever run into you they will settle that out with you in their own way' are the very extreme minority...

  2. I am so tired of these savages.

    1. Yeah, well, they may very well be tired of you, Doodad!


    2. How could anybody tire of me?

  3. Oh, other than my first wife of course?

  4. btw, I hope that some of you guys are checking out the David Hirsh video on the side-bar.

    It's from quite awhile ago, but I think that he hits nails directly on heads in a variety of areas and does so in a balanced way.

    You should check it out.

    1. I'll get to it next week sometime. If you take it down before then, please send me the link.

      My calamitous weekend went as follows - my hearing aid (meningitis killed the nerves in my left ear 13 years ago, and damaged most of those in my right) stopped working on Saturday, then my backup hearing aid stopped working a few hours later. Then I got home to find a hacked and hijacked computer, which seems to be fixed (at least for the moment).

      Roughly $8,000 worth (these programmable hearing aids cost as much as decent used cars!) of electronic damage over a period of just over 24 hours, at a time when I can barely afford to even pay rent for my closet-sized apartment in North Philly...


      I won't be able to hear again until next Monday at the earliest, which is making life complicated at the moment. As I'm sure you can imagine.

    2. Mike, I watched this video several years ago.

      You wrote:

      "...I think that he hits nails directly on heads in a variety of areas..."

      Well, some of it: Yes, of course.

      But David Hirsh says:

      "...Israel has been occupying and settling 'Palestinian' land for forty years, and that is only possible with a regime of daily violence and racist humiliation. Israelis, too, it seems, foudn ways to ape the behavior of the traditional English gentleman. 'The Occupation' is wrong. It is wrong in itself, and it's also against any decent conception of Israeli national interest. Israel should be unambiguous about wanting to end it. ..."

      What is David Hirsh talking about? What occupation of what? Who is occupying what? Why has there not been created a *SECOND* Arab "Palestinian" state (in addition to already created Arab "Palestinian" state Jordan)? Who has repeatedly refused the existence of one Arab state in, and one Jewish state in, the part of what constituted the British Mandate of Palestine which was not made into the Arab state Jordan. It is not Israel who, from 1949 to 1967, occupied what is now called "The West Bank" (Judea (Yehouda) and Sameria (Shomron)). It is not Israel who, from 1949 to 1967, occupied what is now called the "The Gaza Strip". It is not Israel who, during that time, launched several intendedly genocidal military attacks against any Arab nations during that time. It is not Israel who has been engaged in an intendedly genocidal war against any Arab people nor against any other people for the past over sixty years. It is not Israel who has refused the existence of one Arab state in, and one Jewish state in, the part of what constituted the British Mandate of Palestine which was not made into the Arab state Jordan.

      What is now called the "West Bank" is currently governed by a racist ideologically genocidal mass-murderous anti-Jewish actual Nazi-originated organization - Fatah-PLO (now called "the Palestinian Authority") - whose official policy is the annihilation of Israel (officially stated in the 1964 PLO Charter (Palestine National Charter of 1964) and in the 1968 revised (and current) PLO Charter (The Palestinian National Charter: Resolutions of the Palestine National Council July 1-17, 1968). The government of Israel currently maintains some security control of what is now called "The West Bank".

      What is now called the "Gaza Strip" is currently governed by an official branch of the Islamic-supremacist world-domination-seeking racist ideologically genocidal anti-Jewish organization The Muslim Brotherhood - Hamas (whose charter calls for the committing of genocide against all of the Jewish people in the world, in accordance with tenets of the official doctrine of Islam). The government of Israel has absolutely no presence in, nor any control of, what is now called "The Gaza Strip".

    3. And David Hirsh says:

      "...Most Israelis are Jews. There are other Israelis too. And I absolutely back their fight for equality, formal, legal and real. ..."

      What is David Hirsh talking about? What "fight for equality"? Twenty percent of the citizens of Israel are Arab. Eighty percent of those Arab citizens of Israel are Muslim, and twenty percent of those Arab citizens of Israel are, in some cases Christian, and, in other cases, Druze. All citizens of Israel have equal civil rights by the law of Israel. Israel has "affirmative-action"-type policies for Arab Israelis. There are Arab Israeli doctors who work in Israeli hospitals. There are Muslim Arab Israeli members of the Israeli Parliament -- the Knesset. And, in the Israeli Parliament, Muslim Arab Israeli representatives of the Israeli Parliament rail against Israel and call Israel a fascist racist state. And Muslim Arab Israeli representatives of the Israeli Parliament call for the destruction of Israel, and are actively engaging in a campaign to destroy Israel, and travel to Western countries where they slander and libel Israel -- and therein commit actual treason against Israel -- their own nation. And Jewish members of the government of Israel allow those Arab Israeli members of the government of Israel to commit treason against Israel. And all this while Arab Israelis are members of an over 300-million-member-numbered people whose over twenty (apartheid non-democratic) nations have been engaged in a racist intendedly genocidal war against the newly-re-founded liberal democratic very small sole nation of the Jewish people, Israel, for over sixty years.

      What, in fact, is the case about the situation that Israel is in is this. And this.

      What David Hirsch did is precisely the type of accepting of perverse racist anti-Jewish lies that vilify Israel that even Jewish people who deign to verbally "defend" Israel engage in which is completely "'self'-defeating" -- detrimental to Israel and the Jewish people and, to, involved with that, the whole world.

      What is wrong with Jewish people!? Why can't they accept reality!? Why can't they accept the reality that they are being wronged and attacked and libeled and that they have been wronged and attacked and libeled!? Why do Jewish people feel a need to view themselves as being "guilty" WHEN THEY ARE NOT GUILTY!? Why do Jewish people accept and internalize and propagate libels against their own people!? This detrimental mentality that Jewish people hold is an affliction. A detrimental affliction. An affliction that is detrimental to Jewish people and which, involved with that, is detrimental to the whole world. It causes genocidal anti-Jewish political movements. It is what allows, and cultivates, the arising of genocidal anti-Jewish political movements. This is all a result of lack of mindfulness.

    4. Kasim Hafeez -- Pakistani-British, authentically liberal, truly "moderate" Muslim ("culturally Muslim" non-Sharia-proponent Muslim (non-orthodox Muslim)), formerly racist anti-Jewish, now-advocate for Israel:

      Kasim Hafeez: "I've always said that, with Israel advocacy, we're not getting the truth out there...and the deputy foreign minister's videos that he's done with Stand With Us recently are just what's tell the truth -- to get the issues of...a 'Palestinian' state has never existed...this is fact, and people don't know this..." "..and it's easily accessable, you can send a video to somebody, they can watch it, and they can find out what's really happening" "...It's very sad. It really is; because a lot of this hatred and intolerance comes from ignorance. People do not know the facts...and I would say to anybody: come to Israel. You see the rights that Muslims have. I mean, I've walked past a mosque litera- [literaly] a few hours ago, you know...and it's a beautiful thing...that Israel is truly a nation of all its citizens." "...Israel can do no right in the U.K. press. Israel always is wrong, and everything always has a very negative slant. It's become very 'black and white', where the 'Palestinians' are right, and Israel is wrong. There is no... They don't go further or more complicated into it than that. And, it... ...again, it's helping poison people towards Israel because they're not being told the truth of the conflict. ..." "...I think there's a case of: 'if you tell the lie enough times, people accept it as being true'; and, people just don't know; and, it's so key that we get the facts out there. You know, we're sitting here in the Middle East's only liberal democracy, where there are no restrictions on what people can believe. People vote for their leaders. People of all colors, all races, all backgrounds co-exist here...and, people just don't know. So, we need to get the truth out there. We have to show, especially in Europe, that this is a liberal democracy. This is the ideals that bind us together; and if we don't stand up for liberal democracy, then what are we really -- what are we standing up for?"

    5. From antisemite to Zionist, by Kasim Hafeez

      "In 2003, Pakistan's then President Pervez Musharaff sought to re-examine his country's relationship, or lack thereof, with Israel. He asked: 'Do we have to be more Palestinian than the Palestinians themselves?'

      "With their new 'Liberation' campaign, it seems that the Union Of Jewish Students has decided to answer that question with a resounding 'yes'.

      "Rather than being a brave move forwards for UJS, it is a hollow and cynical campaign that smacks of extreme cowardice.

      "The reality is that there is real anti-Israel and antisemitic feeling on British university campuses. How do I know this? Because until recently I was antisemitic and anti-Israel. Until recently, I was the one doing the hating.

      "Growing up in a Muslim community in the UK I was exposed to materials condemning Israel, painting Jews as usurpers and murderers. My views were reinforced when I attended Nakba Day rallies where speakers predicted Israel's demise.

      "My hate for Israel and for the Jews was fuelled by images of death and destruction, set to the backdrop of Arabic melodies about Jihad and speeches of Hizbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah or Osama Bin Laden.

      "There was also constant, casual antisemitism around me. My father would boast of how Adolf Hitler was a hero, his only failing being that he didn't kill enough Jews. Even the most moderate clerics I came across refused to condemn terrorism against Israel as unjustified.

      "What changed? In Waterstones one day I found myself in the Israel and Palestine section. To this day I don't know why I actually pulled it off the shelf, but I picked up a copy of Alan Dershowitz's The Case for Israel.

      "In my world view the Jews and the Americans controlled the media, so after a brief look at the back, I scoffed thinking 'vile Zionist propaganda'.

      "But I decided to buy it, eagerly awaiting the chance to deconstruct it so I could show why Israel had no case and claim my findings as a personal victory for the Palestinian cause.

      "As I read Dershowitz's systematic deconstruction of the lies I had been told, I felt a real crisis of conscience. I couldn't disprove his arguments or find facts to respond to them with. I didn't know what to believe. I'd blindly followed for so long, yet here I was questioning whether I had been wrong?


    6. (from continued)

      "I decided to visit Israel to find the truth. I was confronted by synagogues, mosques and churches, by Jews and Arabs living together, by minorities playing huge parts in all areas of Israeli life, from the military to the judiciary. It was shocking and eye-opening. This wasn't the evil Zionist Israel that I had been told about.

      "After much soul searching, I knew what I had once believed was wrong. I had to stand with Israel, with this tiny nation, free, democratic, making huge strides in medicine, research and development, yet the victim of the same lies and hatred that nearly consumed me.

      "As an outsider, I ask why so many in the Jewish community are closing their eyes to the constant stream of anti-Israel hated spewed out from all facets of British society.

      "And while pro-Palestinian organisations burn Israeli flags, urge boycotts of Israel and protest against appearances by Israeli politicians or artists, UJS's response is shameful. It is not the time for UJS or any other group to engage in hollow flag-waving to show their 'progressiveness'. Let Israel's democratic history speak for itself.

      "Instead of meekly trying to avoid coming across as too pro-Israeli or too Zionist, it is time to make the facts known, to defend Israel against delegitimisation. It is time to stem the tide of Israel bashing before it becomes even more mainstream and consumes even more people like me."

    7. Israel

  5. "You shall not regain Palestine through negotiations, capitulations, kisses, or hugs. The one thing that will restore Palestine to you is Jihad, Jihad, and more Jihad."

    Now where is the LOVE? I'm just not seeing it, ya know?

  6. A talk by Eric Allen Bell. An excellent talk.