Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My First Death Threat

Mike L.

{Cross-posted at Geoffff's Joint, Bar and Grill and Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers.}

Yes, I could hardly be more excited to announce the fact of my very first honest to G-d death threat.

I just now, after enjoying a very nice dinner of homemade chicken parmesan over penne with Laurie, jumped onto the computer only to find this cute little note:

you will be killed ass hole

saif El Islam

Fuck damn on you dirty shit,

you will be killed

curse on you all fucking jews

Oh, joy.


  1. Hey, can I have some of your stuff after they kill you? ;)

    1. You get my Frito Bandito eraser.

    2. Although, I have to say, I am not entirely certain how serious to take this.

      I mean, I do not have much experience with death threats.

      Should I contact the cops?

    3. Mike--

      I'm very sorry to hear this, and shall refrain from berating you elsewhere for the time being.

      Yes, you should contact the authorities. You are posting under your real name, and though I wouldn't give a whole lot of credence to the threat, there's always a risk. Not that I'm so worried about you--but there is Laurie and Little Snot...

      The world is full of idiots and assholes, and the relative anonymity of the internet empowers them.

    4. Puzz, about my death threat,

      thanks for the good words.

      I have to say, Laurie is more than a little upset. I kept telling her not to worry, but she's going to worry, anyway.

      I called the cops, but they did not come today, so I will call them again tomorrow and will contact the Anti-Defamation League simply so that this can be added to their database and perhaps they can give me some advice.

      I want you to know that my criticisms of the left are not in any way meant to express any hostility toward you.

      But I think that you know that.

      Peace to you, please, my friend.

  2. Well, the email is obviously bullshit but if you have the guy's IP I'd say report the sick SOB. What could it hurt? Hope it's not a Kossack in disguise.

    1. It's edscan! If any of youze remember the cryptic Daily Kos 'poet' who grew a cult around himself and later turned out to be a vile antisemite. Ultimately, he was banned (I think for CT, not for antisemitism, although his conspiracy theories were antisemitic), and there still exists a movement by many there to reinstate him. Totally shocking, I know.

      Heh, but yeah. Report it, Mike. Why not?

      Yours beats mine. I received a private facebook message calling me a Nazi this week, in response to the comment I left at your Times of Israel piece. Fucking internet, man...

  3. Bad examples like him give the impression that profanity is only used by the, uh, "challenged." I strongly object. ;)

  4. You must report it Mike. I know it's a pain and I haven't followed my own advice in this situation in the past but this is a serious crime which should be taken seriously.

    Likely he isn't a threat to you but just as likely he is a threat to someone else.

  5. A proudful example of the religion of peace, or so we are told.

  6. Well, I wasn't exactly sure who to notify about this little incident.

    The ADL?

    Avigdor Lieberman?

    The FBI?


    So, I called the Oakland Police Department and they are sending some 'round to take my statement.

    I'll keep you guys appraised of any developments around this, but I feel reasonably certain that I have I give my statement to the cops, this will be the end of this little episode.

    I certainly hope so!

    1. Careful. Certain folks like the ones I linked to earlier may really believe that we have Avigdor Lieberman on speed dial for times like this... ;-P

    2. I'll put in a call to Wolfie right now.

      Bonus points if you guess which Wolfie.

    3. I'm thinking someone named Ze'ev... ;)

  7. Uh, Jay, I'm sure it's just an oversight. I'll ask the Elders to email you a copy along with the newest takeover plans. Sorry man.

    1. Heh! I was trying the reverse psychology thing. Now we really got 'em confused! ;)