Friday, September 7, 2012

Let the Palestinians Declare a State

Mike L.

Abbas says he has backing for new UN upgrade push

Citing decisions at Non-Aligned Movement, Arab ministers and Islamic states meetings, Palestinian president will push to change UN status to non-member observer state.

The key word here, of course, is "state." Non-member observer state.

A Palestinian diplomat told Reuters that Abbas was referring to securing recognition as a non-member observer state, a first stage towards recognition of a Palestinian state.

A simple majority vote in the 193-member General Assembly would be enough to bestow non-member observer status, bypassing the Security Council - where the United States has a veto.

Let the United Nations declare a Palestinian state, but let Israel declare its own borders. The question of borders must be resolved, but Israel cannot count on any negotiated agreement with the Palestinians concerning anything. That being the case, Israel must declare its final borders and relieve itself of responsibility for people beyond those borders. I am certainly no expert on Israeli geography or security needs, but I have full faith that the Israeli government knows both very well. They need, therefore, to draw the line in the sand.

A future Palestinian state may very well be a dagger aimed at the heart of the Jewish people, a dagger containing the force of the Islamic governments throughout the world, but Israel can deflect that dagger as it has been doing decade upon decade.

The Jewish people must free ourselves of the occupation. The Jewish people of the Middle East are a people under siege by the empire of Islam and have been for fourteen hundred years. The reason that there is no peace between the parties is not, as Barack Obama implied, that neither side wants peace. The reason that there is no peace between the Jews and the Muslims in that part of the world is because the Islamic governments have absolutely refused to allow Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land because that land was once considered a part of Dar al Islam. Jewish sovereignty in Israel is unaccpetable to the Umma for religious reasons.

What this means is that the Palestinians will not stop fighting the Jews anytime in the near future. If Islamic religious identity is inconsistent with the existence of Israel, Palestinian identity was born out of the Arab-Muslim struggle against the Jews in the twentieth century. The main reason the Palestinians exist as a separate nationality is because of their unjust war against Jewish sovereignty on historically Jewish land. Were there no Israel, were there no yishuv, there would be no "Palestinians" as we now know them. Were there no Israel the Palestinians would be Syrians, or Jordanians, or Egyptians, but they would not be some separate "Palestinian" nationality because they would have been absorbed into the larger Arab world as citizens within this country or that.

In fact, the only reason that Palestinians generally do not hold citizenship in the countries where they reside, such as Lebanon and Syria, is because Israel exists. Even Palestinian citizenship in Jordan is tenuous at best. The Arab governments are occupying the Jews of the Middle East and they are using the Palestinians as weapons against us. The people who most mistreat the Palestinians are not the Jews, but their fellow Muslims. We take the blame, naturally, for Muslim mistreatement of other Muslims and we increasingly take that blame from the international progressive-left, as well.

It is long past time to snap out of the Oslo Delusion and recognize that this problem is not the fault of the Jews of the Middle East and that nothing that those Jews can do will resolve it and that includes ripping Jerusalem in half. This ongoing aggression is because of Arab-Muslim Jew-Hatred grounded in the Koran and the Hadiths. It is not because of Netanyahu or the Likud or the separation barrier or the blockade of Gaza or the checkpoints. To think otherwise is to confuse cause with effect. It is because of Arab-Muslim race hatred toward Jews that these other things exist. It is because of Arab-Muslim race hatred toward Jews that the Palestinians have developed a sick culture, a culture that venerates suicide bombing and that wallows in malice toward us.

What we need to do is recognize the obvious truth that resolving the conflict is largely beyond the control of the Jewish people, but that we can, nonetheless, defend ourselves. We cannot force the Palestinians to accept a state in peace next to the Jewish one, but we can damn well hobble their ability to chop off the heads of three month old baby girls.

Israel is strong, and hopefully getting stronger, and that is about the best that we can hope for.

Sad, but true.

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