Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rogue Elements


So, Alan Dershowitz has found the problem with the DNC debacle...rogue elements.

Exclusive: Dershowitz Blames “Rogue” Democrats for DNC Jerusalem Debacle, Calls on President Obama to do More 

Speaking of “rogue elements” within the Democratic party, which he said range from Arab-Americans to anti-Israeli American Jews, Dershowitz said it was their goal to end the alliance between the United States and Israel, and that the 2008 language regarding Jerusalem, Hamas, Palestinian refugees, and Israel’s borders were all left out of the initial 2012 platform due to their efforts.
“I think these rogue elements had a hand in changing the 2012 platform from the 2008 one.  Whatever the arguments and justifications are, there is no doubt in my mind that there are these rogue elements within the Democratic party, and they are trying to exercise influence,” he told The Algemeiner.  “If they had their way, (they) would end the kind of positive relationship between Israel and the United States.”

Dershowitz said that delegates “tend to reflect the extremes of the party”, which he says are a minority on the left, however he does not believe there was the two-thirds vote necessary to amend the Democrat’s platform language on Israel, which passed when convention chair and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa passed the measure after three separate votes.
“I do not believe that two thirds of the delegates voted to change the platform. I think that there was a statement made by the chairman, but I don’t think he was right about that,” Dershowtz said to The Algemeiner.  “From the voices that I heard, it sounded like it was split down the middle, with maybe a slight majority in favor of changing the platform.”

Yeah, rogue elements which seem to compose about 50% of the delegates according to the voice vote. You know, I like Dersh but those are some strong rose colored glasses he is wearing. 50% ain't rogue. But you can't blame him really. He isn't the only Dem we know who can't quite see the writing on the wall is he? Hey, look at all those "rogue elements," over at dKos.


  1. "Analysts have noted that the DNC’s cowardice and confusion is a result of the breadth of the views within the party base on the issue. In the video above, delegates wearing “Yalla Vote” t-shirts and brandishing “Arab American Democrat” placards are some of the most vociferous opponents to the amendment proposed to reinstate the omitted text.

    Effectively, what this proves is not that the Democratic Party have sinister motivations behind their approach to the Middle East conflict, but rather, that they are a party torn on the matter – and therefore cannot be trusted.

    When the Chairman of the convention called a vote from the floor to approve the amendment, there was, for most people present and watching, no two-thirds majority (required) on the matter.

    The vote had to be repeated twice more, at which point the Chairman decided that, despite it being unclear as to whether there was indeed a majority, the amendment would pass.

    Following the decision, the convention floor echoed with boos and jeers, a reflection that in reality, the Democratic Party is unable to decide either way as to whether it remains a strong ally of Israel that believes in Jerusalem as its capital – or whether they are hedging their bets to placate a large number of Democratic Party voters who are either pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, or simply unsympathetic to the Jewish state."

    The Dems are indeed, as we have been saying here more or less, a party divided.

    1. "Analysts have noted that the DNC’s cowardice and confusion is a result of the breadth of the views within the party base on the issue. In the video above, delegates wearing “Yalla Vote” t-shirts and brandishing “Arab American Democrat” placards are some of the most vociferous opponents to the amendment proposed to reinstate the omitted text."

      Think any dKos'ers will endlessly rage about 'dual loyalty' over that, Doodad? Or is it only Jews who are open to that charge?

    2. Of course, that would be a ridiculous charge, but still. How about some consistency, eh?

    3. Who knows? I suspect they will mostly hope the whole debacle would just go away. I don't think it will. The party should be concerned at such a huge split in its ranks. I wonder what it will do....if anything.

    4. The machinery is too large and unwieldy to ever turn around, and both parties are going to run into their own icebergs sooner than we think. I'm betting the Tea Party types are going to bring the R's down with rabid extremism; while the D's will go down by simply refusing to take on Jon Corzine and His Crooked Cohort (a great band name, no?).

      The question then will be who picks up the pieces? That's the dangerous time, and hopefully there'll be something decent there to fill the void. Nobody at all, in DC or Harrisburg or any other capital, is serious about facing our energy predicament right now, which sometimes keeps me up at night. This, imo, is the greatest problem we face, and again... nobody is seriously talking about a post-fossil fules future.

      At least, that's the way I see it. Of course, some call me a "doomer." I don't want "doom," nor do I even predict it, but I do see it as a possibility if we don't get our shit straight. And right soon, at that.

      That's why I'm here working community gardens and doing bike advocacy and all that, right now, after all... ;)

  2. The changes in the Dem Party platform viz-a-viz Israel are very telling.

    Liberal diaspora Jews, for the most part, continue playing like ostriches.

  3. "More than anything else, the floor vote showed how out of step a large and significant constituency in the Democratic Party is with the basic character of their country. The spectacle should raise concerns among all supporters of Israel who believe Obama's pro-Israel list is proof they have a safe home today in the Democratic Party."

    1. Yup.

      Most Americans are favorable towards Israel, much more so than either the progressive-left or the Democratic party.

      The question is, do we reform the progressive-movement or abandon it?

      From what I can tell, reform is not working.

    2. I don't think it can or wants to be reformed. I certainly don't hear anyone from its ranks calling for that. In fact, their general consensus when criticized seems to be "we're ok Jack." Or, "shut up you right wing so and so."

    3. I have to agree, Doodad.

      In my conversations with the base of the Democratic party I very often told them that if they persist in hating on the Jewish state that they might... umm... lose some of their Jewish constituency.

      For this bit of obvious wisdom I was essentially told to go screw myself.

      Thus, buh-bye!

      And after this latest fiasco, where the party cannot figure out the capital of Israel, they cannot reasonably count on our support.

      As far as I am concerned, we have been betrayed.

  4. Mike,

    First of all, the concept that you expressed of "the progressive movement" is faulty.

    Contemporary so-called "Liberals" (of which I used to take for granted I was one) began to call themselves "Progressives" in, I think, the 1990's, and did so, I think, because, at that time, the term "liberal" was beginning to be largely stigmatized -- and, I think that that changing of calling "liberal" to "progressive" may have been initiated by "Left Wing" actual "Progressives".

    The Progressive movement began at the turn of last century (in, I think, the early 1900's) and was an outgrowth of Marxism -- or was a political movement which, like Marxism, was an outgrowth of late 18th century European Socialism (European modern totalitarianism -- European modern utopian totalitarianism) -- and was (and is) an international -- West European and American -- political movement. This original so-called "Progressive" movement, in the U.S., was enjoined largely by members of the Republican party -- senior members of the Republican party -- the Republican establishment (including people such as Woodrow Wilson) -- and was enjoined by, and financed by, organizations of the wealthiest members of the "ruling class" in the U.S. -- The Carnegie Institute, The Rockefeller Institute, etc.

    I think that an organization of the Republican establishment that was an important part of what was the "Progressive movement" within the Republican establishment was the organization Skull and Bones.

    The "Progressive movement" was enjoined, in Europe, by self-professed Marxists who subsequently immigrated to the U.S. and who founded the so-called "Left-Wing" "version"/"faction" of "Progressive movement" in the U.S.

    The developers of the "Progressive movement" consciously strategically adopted psychological influencing techniques developed by the German 19th century behavioral psychologist Wilhelm Wundt (the precursor of Ivan Pavlov (the teacher of Soviet behavioral psychologist Alexander Luria)). The developers of the "Progressive movement" were who invented, and who first used, the concept and term "Political Correctness".

    The "Progressive movement" was (and is) a totalitarian "social-re-ordering" (and, in their words: "One World Government") political movement -- a Socialist Fascist political movement -- and is enjoined by, and is being engaged in, in certain ways variant to each other, by, groups which most people think of, erroneously, as being ideologically opposite to each other:

    O The Republican establishment in the U.S. (the Bush family, etc.)
    O The European Union (a totalitarian unelected body which is led by former members of the regimes of Soviet Communist states)
    O The (actual Marxist) organizations of the "Left-Wing" "Progressive movement" in the U.S. (which are now the financial and ideological core organizations of the Democrat political party in the U.S. (and which have completely infiltrated and altered the Universities and colleges of the U.S.))

    The Republican establishment (not the intellectual modern "Conservative" (Classical Liberal) movement (Thomas Sowell, etc.), and not the grass-roots modern "Conservative" (Classical Liberal) movement (the (libeled) Tea Party, etc.); and, BTW, also not Paleo-Conservatives (racist anti-Jewish, white-supremacist, Christian-supremacist, "old-school" "Conservatives" (Pat Buchanan, etc.)) IS SOCIALIST TOTALITARIAN (Fascist) (as is the contemporary so-called "Left-Wing" U.S. faction of the "Progressive movement" -- whose members and organizations now constitute the controlling core of the Democrat political party in the U.S.).

    The Progressive movement has completely infiltrated, and has set the agenda of, the political systems, and educational systems, of the U.S. and Europe.

    1. About The "Progressive Movement":


      About the "Progressive Movement" as enjoined by, and as constituted by, and as engaged in by, the European "Progressive" ruling class, and by the U.S. Republican establishment:

      The Miseducation of America - Part 1 (by Charlotte Iserbyt)

      The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, by Charlotte Iserbyt

      Web site of Charlotte Iserbyt

      (BTW, I think that Charlotte Iserbyt may be a "Paleo-Conservative" (to at least some degree); and Charlotte Iserbyt has expressed that her father was a member of Skull and Bones, and she has expressed regret about that about her father. Charlotte Iserbyt has been ensconced in the social environment of, and in the political bureaucracy of, the U.S Republican establishment for throughout much of her life.)


      About the "Progressive Movement" as enjoined by, and as constituted by, and as engaged in by, the (Marxist) "Left-Wing" faction in the U.S.

      About MUST SEE Political Correctness Exposed! Marxism Communism Frankfurt School: End of Freedom


      About the Soviet KGB influence campaign toward, and resultant ideological influence among, the political so-called "Left" in the United States and throughout the world:

      An interview, in 1984, of Yuri Bezmenov, a then-former member of the KGB Novosti propaganda agency.

      Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press, 1984 - Complete


      Glenn Beck talks U.N. Agenda 21 w/ author Rosa Koire BEHIND THE GREEN MASK

      (Rosa Koire is a liberal Democrat who is aware of, and who is opposed to, the United Nations' global totalitarian, now-beginning-to-be-implemented-in-the-U.S, Agenda 21.)

    2. "There will be time enough to contemplate the harm this act will have done the United Nations. Historians will do that for us, and it is sufficient for the moment only to note the foreboding fact. A great evil has been loosed upon the world. The abomination of anti-semitism--as this year's Nobel Peace Laureate Andrei Sakharov observed in Moscow just a few days ago--the Abomination of anti-semitism has been given the appearance of international sanction. The General Assembly today grants symbolic amnesty--and more--to the murderers of the six million European Jews. Evil enough in itself, but more ominous by far is the realization that now presses upon us--the realization that if there were no General Assembly, this could never have happened."

      -- Daniel Patrick Moynihan, in response to the passing of the "Zionism Is Racism" Muslim/Soviet resolution in the United Nations in 1975 (at which time the United Nations was presided over by Austrian former Nazi, Kurt Waldheim, who, at that time, in 1975, was the Secretary-General of the United Nations)

      "The liberal project began to fail when it began to lie."
      -- Daniel Patrick Moynihan, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, U.S. Senator, Democrat

      "...a weak spot for Jews has been dealing with situations where hatred for them and an effort to destroy them as a community has been coupled with seemingly humanitarian, progressive rhetoric. Communism, of course, has been the ultimate example up until recently, a cause which attracted many Jews though it killed them or betrayed them. Since the history of this experience is simply not taught anywhere, most have not been learned from it. This story must be told in large part because it bears such relevance to contemporary parallels. ..."

      -- Barry Rubin; Explaining Jewish Political Behavior, by Barry Rubin ( )

  5. Pssstttt...Wilson was a Democrat. Were you thinking of Teddy Roosevelt?

    1. "Pssstttt...Wilson was a Democrat. Were you thinking of Teddy Roosevelt?"

      Ah. Oops.

      I need to be more careful. I'm sorry. I apologize.

      Actually I was thinking of Woodrow Wilson. I just thought that he was a Republican. But yes, it was, and is, my understanding that Teddy Roosevelt was, at least to some degree, a "Progressive", and it is my understanding that he was a Republican.


      I need to be more careful. I'm sorry. I apologize.

      (It's hard for me, though. I have OCD, and I'm overwhelmed (by stress caused by the OCD that I have, and by stress that I feel as a result of seeing the situation in the world in general). But I'll try to be more careful.)

      But thank you for correcting me.