Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Of All The Rabbis In America...


Of all the Rabbis in America the DNC couldn't find one to deliver the invocation who was NOT pro-BDS?

I stand with JVP for selective divestment and boycott of settlement products (and support BDS), along with hundreds of thousands of other people, including tens of thousands of Jews, which challenges the message of ‘extreme’. Seems like adopting these tactics are becoming more mainstream all the time.....Lynn Gottlieb on Facebook

Not even one? Well, sure, they probably could have if they had really wanted to. Follow the breadcrumbs. There are lots of them.


  1. Obama's playing for keeps...if ya know what I mean.

    This is not funny anymore, not that it ever was.

  2. “I don’t think it is a good thing that the Republican platform seems to be more pro-Israel than the Democratic platform.” Alan Dershowitz


    Ya think?

  3. http://www.jpost.com/USPresidentialrace/Article.aspx?id=283989

    Evidently the language around Jerusalem as the capital was changed in a voice vote. I listened to the video and was not impressed with the number who booed the inclusion nor the number who voted AGAINST the inclusion....ie didn't sound like a 2/3rds yea to me.

  4. The Dems are saying Obama personally intervened to have the Jerusalem issue reinstated

    "Dems change platform to include Jerusalem language after Obama intervened"


    One wonders how such gaffes keep happening....again and again.

  5. Well, I'm sure she's just a right-wing Republican, Doodad.

    Oh, wait...


    Btw! Excuse the self-promotion, but I've just started up my new new blog, and this is the one I'm gonna be around at for a long time. I hope youze will stop by occasionally!

    1. Wow! Nice looking blog Jay. A great read and neat pics. Congrats!

    2. Thanks!

      I have inspiration coming from all angles right now, dozens of them, and I hope to be able to express all of them soon. Obviously, most won't fit here, but I'll try to squeeze some of them in somehow.

      Like that Israel Garden thing. I didn't make it over there on Monday, and I'm gonna be up in North Jersey this weekend, but I'm definitely gonna try to stop there in two weeks. Stay tuned!

    3. I wandered over there yesterday. It had a cool film noir atmosphere.

    4. Wow, that is awesome. That's exactly a major part of what I'm going for. I've been heavy into noir-type stuff (film and fiction) lately. Trying this on to see if I'm any good at it. I didn't even mention that, and I'm glad that's the vibe it sent out.