Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Occupy Mohammed


That's not what they are calling it, but they could and heck maybe we should start such a movement. Fearless French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, already the victim of one Muslim attack, has published "blasphemous" cartoons of the Prophet causing the French Gov't to shut down some 20 schools and embassies in Islamic countries in anticipation of Muslim outrage. Now that's what I call freedom in action. So far there has been no midnight knock on the door for any of the magazine's staff. Good for France.

You know maybe this is the cure for the thing. All Western nations shut down their embassies etc until Muslims get over their rage over every little "insult," while magazines and individuals flood the media and internet with toons and movies and everything else they want to. Get it out of their systems...Occupy Mohammed! Time to bring Muslims into the real world already experienced by Jews and Christians everyday in modern society where all is questioned, probed, insulted etc. including religious beliefs and sacred cows.



  1. There's only one thing to be done. We must introduce baseball into the Muslim Middle East.

    I do not know what percentage of Muslim people in that part of the world go in for the riots and the mayhem and the jumping up and down and the throwing of rocks and the setting shit on fire and the blaming of Jews for friggin' everything, but there has to be more than enough of them to populate many, many baseball teams.

    That way instead of throwing rocks at people they could learn how to throw a truly killer slider and get paid very handsomely to do so.


    I think that it's a fine idea!

    We could televise their games in the United States.

    The Mosul Marauders versus the Al-Jizah Jihadis!

    Of course, most of the players would look something like Brian Wilson, what that beard, and all, but I can live with it.

  2. btw, as an aside, if I read one more time where someone claims that the Hamas charter calls for the destruction of the state of Israel, I am going to scream.

    Let's get this straight, goddammit!

    The Hamas charter does not merely call for the destruction of the state of Israel, it also calls quite specifically for the genocide of the Jews.


  3. If this was more commonplace, it would become no more sensational than most anything else, and people would start to see it for what it is. They would also be able to see the mentality that controls Islam, from the Arab, that among other things seeks Jewish genocide and, arguably, has served as a general blight on human progress.

    We look at Israel and wonder what more might have achieved if it was not ALWAYS concerned with the threat to its existence and to all Jews. The Arab wars to install Islam stalled development in the Mediterranean for centuries, not to mention elsewhere. Kind of hard to develop when a constant war of submission is taking place. Perhaps that is more the cause of the "Dark Ages" than the "barbarians."

    Anyway, the more mocking in this regard, the better. It is not intended to offend, but to make people think, just like art, to open their minds to the reality of oppression. It is wrong to create a right not to be offended because controversial issues will always cause offense. Some will unfortunately abuse the right to express, but the greater abuse will be when it becomes criminal to speak one's mind.

  4. What is this??

    Are you guys trying to get me killed, or what?!


    Well, we all gotta go sometime, I guess.