Monday, September 24, 2012

Get Rich Quick Scheme


(hat tip Maggies Farm)


  1. Today's Orwellian statement of the day...

    "“We have to come up with our own standards so that the implementation of so-called human rights will not contradict religious and cultural values embraced by people in parts of this country who have their own traditions,” [Indonesian Home Minister] Gamawan said on the sidelines of a hearing with House of Representatives Commission II on home affairs and regional autonomy on Monday.

    He said that in Aceh for instance, the implementation of universal values of human rights must adapt to the sharia imposed in the province.

    “Establishing our own context of human rights is really important so that people will not arbitrarily use human rights to justify freedom as they like because people usually condemn the government’s attempt to regulate them as a violation of human rights. They forget that they must also respect the rights of others. Article 28 of the Constitution clearly states that our rights are bound by the law,” he said.

    Gamawan said that there was no such thing as total freedom in the country. “We are bound by the rights of our neighbors,” Gamawan added.

  2. A statement only a fascist could love.

    1. Allowing your local cleric to determine your freedoms will set you free...


    2. Obama says at the UN "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam"

      I say it must if we are to be truly free.

    3. Y'know, hardly a day goes by that I'm not talking smack about Moses.

      I mean, really, the guy got his marching orders from some shrubbery in flames?


      Sounds like he was trippin.

      Who knows what kinds of interesting cactus they have growing in that desert?

    4. Ha! Moses the hippie. Gotta love it.