Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dr. Barry Rubin Has Some Words

Mike L.

Barry Rubin writes:
The problem in the Middle East is not mass revolutionary Islamist movements seeking to mobilize the masses, seize state power, expel U.S. influence, overthrow all non-radical regimes, wipe Israel off the map, and transform their own societies through Sharia dictatorships, despite the fact that they have been working on this project for a very long time and discussed it openly in thousands of articles, speeches, rallies, terrorist attacks, and other actions.

Oh, no, the problem is that a guy in California made a video on You-Tube that nobody ever saw. Therefore the main task is to apologize, explain, and keep trying to make friends with the ideologically determined revolutionary Islamists who take each concession as help toward their winning and see every American vacillation as a weakness that urges them toward more aggression. These are people who never lack an excuse to kill you.
This basically speaks for itself. The Obama administration helped usher radical Jihadis into power in Egypt and now turns a blind eye to the actual reason that we saw all those riots and murders and rapes and mayhem emanating from the Arab world.

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