Monday, September 10, 2012

Palestinians Riot, Fight One Another

Mike L.

At least 45 injured in Palestinian cost of living protests

Palestinians take to the streets, blocking roads, burning tires and throwing stones at PA police, institutions in protest triggered by rise in price of fuel, basic goods; PA security responds with live ammo, tear gas...

The worst violence erupted in Hebron, where dozens of protesters hurled stones at the municipality offices and a fire station. The protesters also attacked a number of shops in the center of the city, causing extensive damage.

Majdi Salaymeh, head of the workers union at Hebron Municipality, condemned the attack, saying it only served the interests of "Israeli occupation." He said that the men who attacked the municipality were carrying out the "plots of Israeli occupation." Salaymeh praised other Palestinians who intervened to stop the attack with the help of the security forces.

So, these geniuses hurled rocks at a fire station in Hebron and blamed their own bad behavior on Israel.

Shocking, I know.

It seems to me that the Occupy Wall Street idiots could learn a thing or two from the Palestinians on how to wreck everything around you. Riot. Throw stones at people. Set fires. Scream your bloody head off.

Because, y'know, this is how one brings about positive social change.

What's going on at this moment among the Palestinian communities in Judea and Samaria looks much like the second intifada except that instead of trying to murder Jews they're trying to murder one another.

The truth is, of course, that you cannot expect the Palestinians to be happy with their own corrupt and unelected government.

Here's an idea on how they can improve their economic lives, though:

Stop trying to murder Jews or destroy the state of Israel.

It's a brilliant plan and heart-breaking in its poignant simplicity. If the Palestinian leadership, and the Palestinian people, would simply agree to a state in peace next to the Jewish one and stop inciting genocidal hatred toward their neighbors then trade would greatly improve and prosperity would come to themselves and their children.

While such a state of affairs would not hold the delicious romance of trying to kill Jews for a righteous cause, it might do some good things for the well-being of future Palestinian generations.

Just a thought.

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