Friday, September 7, 2012

Here I Am!

Mike L.

Well, Jesus Christ on a Cracker, that was a monumental pain in the ass!

My Google account was hacked and I had to spend half the day yesterday screaming my bloody head off to no less than five different "Google Account Specialists" to get back into the system.

Even now that I am back in my address book is empty and my inbox is entirely wiped out.

And, I have to say, things move mighty quick in the world of on-line pro-Israel advocacy. In the brief time that I have been out of commission we've been treated to the Democratic party throwing the Jewish people under the bus and, then, having second thoughts on the matter.

In any case, I am back.


Now go forth an conquer.


  1. Welcome back, Mike! Ughh, I can't imagine the pain in the ass that must have been...

  2. Welcome back, Mike. I'm glad that everything is okay. :)