Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ProSemiteUndercover - an Internet Band of Zionist Brothers and Sisters

by Andy Lewis/Randall Kohn

Once upon a time, a group of Zionist and mostly Jewish Democrats took part in a lively political forum known as Democratic Underground.  At first we were content to bash George W. Bush and those evul Republicans in unison with all the other happy partisans.  We mostly more or less agreed with the consensus views on Bush tax cuts (bad),  Al Gore (good), the Iraq war (bad), and a host of other issues.  Online life was good.

But there was one tiny problem:  the Israel/Palestine Group.  At first it was no big deal.  We mostly thought Israel was less to blame for Mideast turmoil; others maintained the Palestinians were.

But over time, things got ugly.  Opposing posters began complaining a little less about the IDF and a lot more about AIPAC.  They began linking somewhat less to Huffington Post and Daily Kos and more than occasionally to John Kaminski and Jeff Rense.  The Democratic President held up as ideal was likely to be Jimmy Carter;  FDR, not so much.  This was Not a Good Thing.

Our little band of brothers and sisters took exception, each of us in his or her individual fashion.  Some of us got banned from DU, others survived, but were disenchanted.  And so, we decided to form a new web forum, general-political, but with a Zionist view.  (Confession:  I wanted to call it Prosemitic Underground, but luckily wiser heads prevailed.)

And that's how ProSemiteUndercover was born.

At first we mostly monitored and countered DU, much as Israel Thrives monitored and countered Daily Kos.  We soon branched out much as your site did.  At times we were quite active but things have gradually quieted down.  Some of the more active members include drdon, meti57b, Andy Lewis, Countmein, and Behind the Aegis.  We could use a  little company.  .


  1. Thanks for reminding me. I don't stop in as much as I used to and I need to correct that. Great place!

  2. Ah, DU. I've been fortunate enough to have not thought about that place for like a decade now. ;)

    I'll check youze guys out soon...

    1. You haven't missed much. One of the lower points of DU was the breathless comment:

      "Joe Lieberman - Zionist!"

      Truly a "Captain Obvious" moment.

  3. Andy,

    thank you for this.

    I will be sure to pop in soon.


    1. Welcome back. Teh Dems sure gave you a lot to catch up on.