Tuesday, July 8, 2014

85 Rockets Hit Israel Just Yesterday

Michael L.

Ha'aretz writes:
Shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet decided Monday to escalate attacks against Hamas and the Gaza Strip, militants in the coastal territory fired a barrage of some 35 rockets at Israel.

Sirens rang across the south as well as in central Israel and the Jerusalem area, for the first time since the recent round of escalation began. More than 85 rockets have been launched over the course of Monday.
85 rockets in a single day from the Gaza strip and Netanyahu... who has actually been a quite restrained leader when it comes to military action... is calling up the reserves.
The security cabinet has voted to call up some 40,000 reservists in preparation of a possible ground operation in Gaza Strip as part of Operation Protective Edge, hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the military to "take off the gloves" in its confrontation with Hamas.
I find myself skeptical.  The last time Israel confronted Hamas the Obama administration stepped in to protect the terrorist organization and my suspicion is that they will do so again.  Therefore, if Netanyahu intends to have a significant effect on Hamas's ability to function he will need to act quickly and in devastating moves that the EU, the UN, and Obama administration can complain about only afterward.

I cannot know what is in Netanyahu's mind, but I am sincerely hoping that he is considering taking out Hamas as a functioning genocidal organization supported by the west.   The western left is going to screech at Israel no matter what it does, or does not, do.  Always.  The only thing that Israel can do is protect its own people and that means eliminating a small, but viciously murderous organization just across the border.

In the mean time a million Israelis - Jewish, Muslim, and Christian - in the southern part of the state are living in bomb shelters and watching their own kids develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


  1. Always appreciate you and the entire Israel Thrives collection keeping us in mind. Hard to see what the end will be but we're on the way and Hamas is likely to regret getting this going if they survive at all.

  2. Obama will of course DEMAND Jews stop this self defense thing in a day or two while the EU ramps up war crimes trials against the Jews.

  3. Never been able to understand why you are so viciously anti-"Palestinian", Nagaura.

    Where do you go from the caliphate that Hamas strives and kills for?
    For Hamas, the stone age is progress.

  4. Who knows what Iran's strategy is in starting this war but it is time to take out Hamas once and for all. There might not be much chance this will help the cause of peace. But with Hamas there is no chance at all.


  5. Perhaps YOU don't care about Palestinians or Muslims. That is what I take from your comments. It's more about hatred for Israel.

    Your comment is disgusting.

  6. Hi Nagaura,

    As the owner of Israel Thrives I want to say that you are always welcome here.

    I think that you misunderstand us, however.

    You have to recognize that you are speaking to a minority population that has been beaten down under Arab-Muslim rule for 13 centuries before being subject to an ongoing war of annihilation.

    The Jewish minority in the Middle East will do - or certainly should do - whatever is necessary to protect themselves and their children.

    Sometimes this requires military engagement, but it is nothing that the Jewish minority wants. Centuries of religiously-based, exceedingly violent Arab-Muslim aggression against the tiny Jewish population sometimes makes military action a necessity.

    I am just pleased that the Jews even have the option of military self-defense, which for so many centuries we did not, which is why our numbers are so small.

    The fact of the matter, as you are well aware, Hamas calls for the genocide of my people.

    They do so unapologetically and in a manner that is quite honest and sincere.

    This being the case, Israel needs to eliminate Hamas... by any means necessary.

  7. No need to bomb Gaza back to the stone age, it's already there.
    They use people as human shields, they drag others by their legs with the motor bikes, they brain wash children for birth to hate and kill, and let's not mention human rights and their treatment of women.
    Why bother to bomb them?