Monday, July 7, 2014

Where are the Jewish Riots?

Michael L.

riot1I cannot but help notice the general lack of Jewish rioting.

Three Jewish Israeli kids, including an American, were killed strictly for political reasons.

And, yet, there is no rioting.  Jews are not rioting in the streets of Tel Aviv.  Jews are not rioting in Jerusalem... or Yerushalayim... if you like.  Jews are not rioting in Brooklyn and they are not rioting in Miami.

They are not rioting in Timbuktu nor Walla Walla, Washington.

They are not rioting in Canada nor Australia nor the United States nor England nor Ukraine.

Of course, there are not a whole lot of places that we could riot given the fact that our numbers have been reduced to virtually nothing outside of those places.

I am told that there are a few Jews in France, but that they are leaving and for very good reasons.

I was considering starting up a riot here in Oakland, because there is a Jew - her name is Sonia -  that lives a couple of blocks from here, but I'm pretty sure that she has class tonight.

There just seems to be a general lack of Jewish rioting going on and I am not certain that this is appropriate.

Throughout the Arab-Muslim world they love riots and sometimes in the really terrific fun, as we saw in Tahrir Square in Cairo not all that long ago, they combine rioting with raping - not that western feminists care.

When you add the raping to the rioting then you really have some terrific revolutionary activity against... the man... or something... but you cannot blame the so-called "Arab street" for its behavior because... I don't know... Reagan and Bush.

Sometimes Europe.

We have to understand that the progressive-left generally does not consider Arabs or Muslims to be human beings.  They seem to consider them savages or just monkeys, or something, but not human beings who are responsible for their own behavior.

In truth, outside of political Islam, the western left is the most outrageously racist political movement in Europe and the US today.  I have never seen such pure contempt for another people as we see in the contempt that progressive-left westerners have toward Muslims and Arabs.

The entire Middle East is in flames.  In country after country Sunni and Shia are butchering one another in the name of Allah - and blaming the Jews - and there are far more dead Arabs in political conflict with one another than there are dead people throughout the long Arab war against the Jews.

The entire Arab-Jewish War since 1948 has taken about 50,000 lives, one-third Jewish and two-thirds Arab.

The Sunni-Shia conflict since 2011 in the joyous "Arab Spring" has destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives, easily, if not more.

Meanwhile, the European Union is looking to boycott Israel because the notion of Jews living in Judea is simply too much for European and western-progressive racists.

You have to admit that the very notion of Jews building second bathrooms for themselves in Sheikh Jarrah is a terrible atrocity that no reasonable person could ever condone.

Arabs are slaughtering one another by the bucket-load and even proudly engaging in ritual cannibalism before the camera, but what really pisses off western leftists are Jews that build housing for themselves in the hills of Judea.

The injustice of the progressive-left, viz-a-viz the Jewish people, is profound.

Sometimes I find it humorous... usually not so much.


  1. I hope the Israelis arrested for the murder of that Arab teen are freed at some point as a confidence building measure, etc.

    1. That's right!

      We must demand the immediate release of Jewish political prisoners.