Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Teen's Killers Heard Singing and Cheering In Full Tape of Call To Police

The full recording of the call made by one of the kidnapped youths to the emergency police hotline was released Wednesday, and in it the perpetrators can be heard singing in Arabic and whooping after loud noises — presumably gunshots — ring out in the car. The kidnappers are also heard crying out “Three!” excitedly.!

The extended tape was published by the Ynet news website, less than a day after police lifted the gag order on a 49-second segment of the 2:09 minute long call.

In the 49-second recording cleared for publication Monday, one of the teens, identified by Bat-Galim and Ofir Shaar as their son Gil-ad, can be heard whispering “They’ve kidnapped me” to the operator before the kidnappers shout in Arabic-accented Hebrew, “Keep your heads down.”

The operator tries to interact with the caller but receives no answer. Seconds later, several loud noises, which are likely gunshots, are heard. Someone in the car is heard groaning.

The shorter recording ends with the sound of a Hebrew radio interview blaring in the car.

In the full recording, which is over two minutes long, the sound of the radio is interrupted by a voice on the phone — a different operator, this time a policewoman, who asks the caller where he is.

However, this operator, too, receives no answer. Instead, additional loud noises are heard.

When the noises die down, one of the kidnappers shouts “Three!” in Arabic. He and his accomplice can then be heard singing happily in Arabic and cheering, before the recording ends.

The officer called the number eight more times, but received three busy signals and reached voicemail five times.

Military sources said earlier that the kidnappers shot the three during the call after realizing they had tried to alert police.

Army Radio reported Tuesday that the three were shot during the phone call. It said blood and a bullet casing were found in the car.....
You can imagine my hatred and repulsion for those savages AND for the nitwits who find a moral equivalency between the murdering of Jews, because they are Jews, and the killing of Arabs in the Jewish defense of Jews.

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  1. They always find a way to arrange moral equivalency.

    Jihadis kidnapped and killed three Jewish youths in Israel and now an Arab has turned up dead... so everything is morally equivalent... or so our enemies suggest.