Monday, July 14, 2014

Muslims and Leftists Stone Jews in Paris

Michael L.

parisHere is the way that it works and it is exceedingly simple.

Arab racists seek to threaten and intimidate the Jewish minority in the Middle East.

They do so persistently and viciously through theocratically-based incitement toward violence against the Jewish people and then through actual violence in the form of thousands of rocket attacks over the course of many years emanating from Gaza, which the rest of the world does not mind... including your alleged political allies.

Now, you have to understand, to your average western-leftist, Arabs of any sort have every right to try to kill Jews.  The reason for this is because Arabs are "people of color," and thus by nature innocent, whereas Jews are supposedly "white people" and thus guilty of oppressing those innocent "people of color" and thereby deserving of the constant hatred and violence and incitement to violence by a much larger surrounding majority.

This makes the progressive-left a racist movement and a racist movement that is working against the well-being of the Jewish people.

They justify their racism by claiming that the Jews in the Middle East are guilty of persecuting a subsection of the Arab majority.  This despite the fact that the Arab majority kept the Jews in the Middle East under a religious system of submission for thirteen hundred years and as soon as we freed ourselves from that condition of submission they launched a war against us in the Middle East that continues to this day.

Therefore if the Jewish minority - which is now, after many centuries of dhimmitude, finally capable of defending itself from the Arab-Muslim majority - decides to actually do so the western-left cries out that the Jews are murderous scum, while Muslim mobs and their leftist allies in Paris attack synagogues with rocks and bricks.

In the Algemeiner we read:
Violent anti-Jewish riots in Paris on Sunday, sparked by Israel’s ongoing operation in Gaza to halt rocket attacks from the coastal enclave, left Jews in the French capital fearing for their lives. One French Jewish activist warned: “French Jews are in serious danger.”

An anti-Israel demonstration at the city’s Bastille Square quickly turned violent with protesters seeking out and attacking Jewish targets and screaming “death to the Jews” and “Hitler was right” according to community newspaper, JSS News.

Signs in support of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood were on display as well as a replica of a Palestinian rocket similar to those launched from Gaza at Israel in recent weeks, according to the report.

hebronHundreds of Parisian Jews were trapped in a synagogue while rioters threw stones and bricks. The group was initially thought to be held hostage and was freed to leave the center only after police intervention at 9 pm. A Jewish owned store on rue de la Roquette was trashed by 50 men with iron bars and a young man was hospitalized nearby, according to reports.
Things are worse than I feared and it is unquestionably time for Jews to get the hell out of France, if not Europe, more generally.

It is also time for Jews to depart from the western-left.

At best they are largely silent concerning attacks upon us.  At worst they provoke that violence and they do so directly into your face while telling you, essentially, that if your children are injured or killed via Muslim violence, it is largely your own fault for supporting your own people through supporting the State of Israel.

{A Big Tip 'O the Kippa to Jay in Philadelphia.}


  1. Pogroms on the streets of Paris in 2014, and yet bring the topic up and all too many accuse you of 'leaving out context' and 'not waiting for the full story to come in' (what would that fucking story be, that they just wanted the Jews to come outside so they can hand them homemade baked goods?).

    It's truly sickening.

  2. What we are seeing is a small version of what we saw in the 1930s.

    That is, we are seeing, Jay, a significant rise in violent anti-Semitism on the European continent fueled by, in this instance, Arab-Muslim anti-Jewish racism.

    The left tends to blame us for the genocidal racism against us.

    1. There is a difference. Back then the racists were of the majority group. Here, it's a minority group.

      If this behavior was reported in the mainstream media more people would be convinced of what is at stake. Groups should not use rights of expression to incite hate against others. It is nefarious to democracy.

      At some point, however, the majority may tire of this hateful minority, particularly if it comes to see that it, too, is in the crosshairs.

    2. School, the racists against the Jews are still the majority.

      Perhaps I misunderstood you.

      Do you think that the great Arab majority is not, generally speaking, racist toward the Jewish people?

      Or, more likely, you are saying that the haters of Israel and Jews within the progressive-left are the minority?

      If that is the case, I certainly agree.

      I have never argued that the left is filled with anti-semites.

      They simply provide refuge and cover.

    3. The Paris Jew haters were mainly not in the French ethnic majority. Same for Berlin. In the 30's, the haters came from the majority group. Either way, the climate is insidious and tolerated, something to point out the next time some European pontificates about Zionism.

      European leftists will discover it is not the Jews that should concern them and the things they pretend to.

  3. The Don Yitzak Abarbanel shul is named after 'the Arbarbanel' who was a Portuguese Ladino from a high born wealthy family and part of the Spanish diaspora expelled 1492. He settled in Naples and Venice. Ironically he never was in France.