Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Public Apology to Stuart

Michael L.

This is a tad embarrassing, and not the least bit fun, but I owe Stuart a public apology.

apology1I unjustly slandered him in a public way and thus should, therefore, apologize in a public way.

Stuart has, in the past, been something of a regular in these pages and I know him from Daily Kos and elsewhere.  He was always a good, insightful, and reasonable man and always a friend to the Jewish people and the State of Israel and a friend to me.

In a comment, written in frustration, I claimed that he is no friend to the Jewish people, or something along those lines.

I was completely wrong and I admit it and apologize for it.

I do not expect that Stuart is going to read this note and say, "OKAY.  Friends again!"

Perhaps, as with other people, we have simply moved beyond any meaningful way of examining common interests.  But what matters to me is that I simply make the apology public as I made the unfair defamation public.

I do not have a problem acknowledging when I am wrong... once I am convinced that I am wrong.

{That, by the way, is the hard part.}


  1. I'm not gonna say "OKAY. Friends again!". I never considered you not a friend. I just shrugged and thought....karma being karma. You're still an all-star. Though puzzled did suggest that you should have at least offered up a big cock roach.

    1. I have a visceral, irrational hatred of insects.

      It's not their fault.


    2. Anyway, it has been nagging at my conscience for months.

      G-d Damn Jewish ethics!