Saturday, July 26, 2014

Israel and what the Obama contingent stands for

originally posted at oldschooltwentysix

Interesting to see Obama's former best friend, Erdogan, reveal once again his fascist, Jew hating heart. Taking away his "Profile in Courage" award would be poetic justice.

And why is Obama trying to use the Hamas framework for an agreement?

Has he, or Kerry, ever imagined that interference can also make things worse?

And why is Obama tying funding for Iron Dome to the US border funding measure?

And why not speaking out over the wave of antisemitism in Europe?

Just what does Obama stand for? All he seems to do these days is attend functions where the audience nods in full appreciation as he spreads negativity about those who don't agree with him. He is in a bubble of adulation. When offered the opportunity to speak strongly about world conflict, he equivocates. Many are confused and many are emboldened.

Democrats increasingly do not like Israel. Far too many secular Jews, besides their overall ignorance and indifference, let their bleeding hearts reject the Jewish "Zionist" narrative, the one that is factual and based on the very liberal principles they claim to follow. Instead, they fall for the fake orientalist version where Arabs reject ANY responsibility for their fate. It is ALL the fault of the white West, as the situation deteriorates. What a canard.

Will these secular Jews ever wake up to the fact that even as they reject the Jewish religion, they will remain targeted just because they are Jews? It takes little energy for the tyranny of the majority to show its true self when it comes to Jews. Israel and Zionism and settlements are merely subterfuge for their intentions. When will they see that the people they listen to present an incomplete story that cannot see the difference between aggression and the response thereto?

I wonder what progressives have to say about this ignorance and apathy of support among them for Israel, and America, in favor of the most illiberal type of forces on Earth. Why is this growing among them and whether/how it should be confronted?

As the USA evacuates Libya, one of Obama's greatest disasters, the odd approach the Administration adopts, whether it interferes or withdraws, seems to contribute to every situation growing worse.


  1. I would agree but question the 'increasingly' part. If anything Democratic non-hatred of Israel is the historical anomaly, not the other way around. Who were the people running the New York Times in WW2 who refused to cover the holocaust? Liberals and democrats. Who were the anti Zionists from the early 1930's all the way up to the present day? The liberal/secular Reform Jews. There may have been a brief blip around 1967 when Jews seemingly rallied round the flag but that lasted about a year. Today it's the Beinarts and Blumenthals and Greenwalds and liberal progressives who want to desperately un-invent Israel at all costs, must like their ideological twins in Hamas, unless you think Jon Stewart isn't an emblematic lodestone for the liberals in America?

    1. I meant the Democratic electorate, as compared to some of the leaders., and as the progressives push aside the liberals, animosity increases.

    2. It's far from monolithic. The reaction from the liberal crowd to this recent Bill Maher segment was heartening.

      I was glad to note that amongst the speakers at our Israel solidarity rally last week were two (at least locally) prominent Democratic politicians - Montgomery County (PA) Commission Chair Josh Shapiro, and Pennsylvania State Senator Anthony Williams.

      As to your above points, Reagan condemned Israel for bombing Osirak in 1981, and I don't think anybody would argue that the George H.W. Bush administration was particularly friendly to Israel.

      Of course, that was then and this is now, and the trends School notes are troubling.

      Glenn Greenwald would probably more accurately be classified as simply anti-American rather than anything else, and the only politicians he appears to support publicly these days are from the anti-Israel Paul faction of the Republican Party.