Sunday, July 6, 2014

An open condemnation of the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Michael L.

{This was written by the Elder of Ziyon and we here at Israel Thrives concur... most of us.}

We unequivocally condemn the horrific murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. It was unjustifiable under any circumstances. The killing was reprehensible and we hope that the criminals who did this sickening act are found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Israel is a country run by the rule of law. There are reports that Jews have been arrested for this crime. If a trial finds that Jews are indeed guilty of this unconscionable killing, our condemnation is redoubled. The idea that Jews could do such an act fills us with shame and horror.

The people who murdered Mohammed do not represent us in any way. It is not enough to dissociate ourselves from the dreadful act; we must also ensure that crimes like this are never repeated.

Just as the appalling murders of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrach and Gilad Shaar do not in any way justify the hideous murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, neither does Khdeir's murder justify the violence, terrorism, destruction and incitement we have seen over the past few days against Israelis and Jews.

We hope and pray that everyone, Arab and Jew, lives in peace and security in the region.


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  1. Of course, we still do not know who committed that murder and, yet, suddenly no one cares about the three kidnapped and murdered Jews.

    But that's really the point, now, isn't it.

    1. The point is that Israel has acted swiftly, and immediately, against those who the authorities have reason to believe have committed a horrific murder, even if they're Jewish.

      Can you imagine Hamas or Fatah doing the same against the murderers of our boys?

      Considering that the first three names signed onto the letter are three of the best pro-Israel bloggers in the English-speaking world, I'd hardly say that nobody cares anymore...

    2. Here is a question:

      How are the Kossacks spinning this?

    3. Haven't looked, but I'm sure the appropriately-named 'Kossacks' will be using this story to hate Jews, as always.

      'As a Jews' like 'Aunt' Martha will provide cover for most Jew-haters, while sick antisemites like soysauce herself (last noted being stopped for an airport search, because well, that's what happens to genocidally racist terror lovers like her) will continue to comment there in the very same manner that you and I are used to.

      Let them scream 'wheeee!' on their wheel of hate. We're above them.

    4. They are too busy trying to outdo each other with feigned outrage and their own form of bigotry against all things non-Progressive that they hardly give it a notice.

      But when they choose, the tune sounds straight out of Mondoweiss or some other antisemitic venue.

  2. I'll just go ahead and condemn the murder of all children right now.

    I refuse to measure myself against those who excuse or defend killing children.

    I am of that part of the human race who has advanced beyond such savagery, no matter from which creed or faith its adherents claim.

    I would suggest you seek serious help if you really do mean "crank it up," when it comes to killing children.

  3. Jeez, Trudy, don't mince words.

    Tell us what you really think.

  4. Others have never been fair, but that is no excuse to be unfair.

  5. It's not about fair or unfair. This is a war. Save your tears for the victims of Dresden AFTER all the war criminals have been tried and executed.

  6. Jay, the UN doesn't consider 16 year old Jews to be children. Even the UN while it caterwauls about 'children' is run by countries where 'children' as young as 12 sling an AK holding up traffic for a bribe.

    1. Can't argue with any of that. I'm with School, though. We can't sink to their level. Nor do we have to, to win.

  7. Trudy's anger is perfectly understandable.

    The Jews of the Middle East suffered 13 centuries of persecution and as soon as we stood up in our own self-defense we are accused of being the persecutors.

    Trudy is angry and has every right to be angry because the situation is fundamentally unjust.

    I am angry, too.

    But, needless to say, none of this is the fault of Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

    We are not going to dance around and hand out candies.

    What we need to do - if we are capable of it - is incorporate into our (interrupted) mourning for the murders of Frenkel, Yifrach and Shaar, with mourning for Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

  8. It's not about license it's about collateral damage. Again, I'll worry about the handwringing AFTER we dance around in the streets and hand out candy like they do.

    While we're at it, the 40+ rockets from Gaza in the last 3 days? Missile strikes on random large apartment buildings in Gaza seems like an appropriate 'proportional' response.

  9. The murder of 19-year-old Israeli Jew Shelly Dadon has been solved. According to Israel's Shin Bet, Yousef Hussein Halifa murdered Dadon on May 1st. The police said that the attack was "nationalistically motivated."

    According to Ynet news, Dadon was stabbed 17 times by Halifa, who was her taxi driver.

    The mainstream US media largely overlooked Sunday's news that Dadon's killer had been identified, instead focusing on the murder of a teenage Palestinian at the hands of Jewish Israelis. The discrepancy was highlighted on Legal Insurrection by William Jacobson:

    There will be no such soul searching not just over the murder of the kidnapped Israeli teens, but over the murder of Shelly Dadon (Featured Image).

    Dadon, an Israeli Jew, was stabbed to death on May 1 on her way to a job interview in northern Israel. Yesterday the police announced the arrest of an Israeli Arab taxi driver in the crime, which the police believe was driven by “nationalistic” motives, i.e., terrorism.

    Yet there is almost no press coverage. As of this writing, a Google News search does not reveal any major non-Israeli newspaper coverage of the arrest in Dadon’s murder.

    So if there's suddenly an outpouring of anti Arab street violence, stone throwing, fire bombs, and general mayhem and hooliganism, I am 100% fine with that. After all when they do it to Jews it's called a big fat nothing, horseplay. "Justified Anger"

    Fair enough. Live by the lynch mob die by the lynch mob. The Arabs reaction to THAT and to the mere fact of your physical existence is the same. So we may as well get our money's worth.

    1. Trudy, Jews don't riot.

      Perhaps we should now and again... just to keep things interesting... but we don't.

      I notice, however, that the JDL seems active in Canada and the UK, but not so much the US.

    2. That's the problem. "We don't......." fill in the blanks. OTOH we should be wading into these palestinian rallies with rocks and bats.

    3. You want to fight back?

      I understand that feeling very well.

      Let's take out Hamas.

      We will never hand out candies to our children when some of ours kill their own children in anger.

      We are the minority population and we are the population that has been abused and persecuted and diminished and nearly destroyed over the long course of 14 centuries.

      We will strike back and we will defend ourselves, but we will never celebrate the death of our enemies' children.

    4. LOL!

      I didn't think of that!

  10. Taking out a random apartment may be appropriate in a video game, but not according to the laws of humanity and the requirements of the public conscience, to which I subscribe, even in the face of indiscriminate rockets.

    People can defend themselves without becoming like their adversaries that strike random apartment buildings and use childern in warfare.

  11. I generally find myself reluctant to weigh-in on military matters - because, y'know, what the hell do I know about military strategy? Nothing.

    Nothing, I say!

    {Less than nothing.}

    But what I would recommend is declaring Hamas an illegal organization and therefore rounding up and imprisoning its leadership.

    This would require Netanyahu to declare to the world that because Hamas, in its very charter, calls for the extermination of the Jewish people wherever we are to be found, that the Jewish people, via the State of Israel, are going to extinguish this organization as a matter of principle and self-defense.

    Obviously, Netanyahu is going to do no such thing, unfortunately.

    But Israel would be well within its rights as a sovereign nation with responsibilities towards its own citizenry.

  12. My problem with making such suggestions is that, of course, it ain't gonna be my ass out there doing the fighting, but yeah...

    Hamas needs to be ended. Immediately.

  13. Israel's reply has begun, and it is notand need not be based on Hamas's charter, but its acts of aggression that are international crimes, under Israel's right of self-defense.

    Aside from the military aspect to eliminate the belligerent threat, Israel could declare an intent to capture Hamas leaders and try them for war crimes and crimes against humanity, as provided in the Geneva Conventions and Protocols.