Friday, July 25, 2014

Bill Clinton Gets It

Michael L.

Yes, I miss the 90s.

I do not want to debate anyone of the virtues, or lack thereof, of the Clinton administration, but I was comfortable with his presidency at the time.  I certainly did not think that he was perfect, but after 12 years of Reagan / Bush his administration seemed like a step in the right direction... at least to me.


  1. I liked Clinton. Still do. I read his autobiography when it was published. I think he is in Australia at the moment. He comes here a lot where I'm certain he feels at home..

  2. All that stuff with that young Jewish girl is a load of crap. I don't if such a thing would get any mileage at all outside of the US and perhaps the UK.

    1. Monica Lewinsky?

      I have to say, I remember when it first became big news. I was at San Francisco State University at the time and I was listening to the radio and the announcer said something to the effect of, "Well, now the nation must go through a healing process."

      And I thought, "What are you? Nuts? The man had sexual relations outside of marriage and now the nation needs to heal?"

      I laughed my ass off.

      I think that Clinton came to a point in his career where he began to think of himself as untouchable.

      What's the old cliche?

      "Pride leadeth before the fall"? Something quite like.

      There is no way that I am going to vote for his wife, tho.

      Or, at least, it is going to be a hard sell.

    2. I had graduated high school the year before, and that was the political environment I entered into as I came of voting age. Our national Puritan streak still runs strong when it comes to certain matters, eh?

  3. You're joking, right? Bill Clinton is the consummate slick politician. The nickname Slick Willie was not for nothing. He has always know the right things to say, but like the Bush's, has deeeep ties to the Saudis, and would sell Israel out in a heart beat for the right sum of money.
    His witch wife only makes him LOOK good by comparison.
    Sorry, but I would not trust a word he says, regardless of how good it might sound.

    1. Hi Saba,

      my note has nothing whatsoever to do with Bill Clinton's character, nor his effectiveness as a US president.

      It strictly notes the fact that, when it comes to Hamas' media-war strategy, Clinton has it down to the extent that he can describe it in 15 seconds flat.

      This means that, no matter whatever else anyone might want might to say about the guy, he understands the nature of this current moment in the ongoing conflict.

      He said it in 15 seconds.

      Perhaps someone should publish that clip on dkos and the other raging anti-Israel left-wing sites.