Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Vote for More War Crimes (Snark - Kinda)

Michael L.

Israeli soldier girls1The real problem is that Israel has not committed enough war crimes.

I think Israel needs to commit more war crimes.

Of course, Israel committed war crimes.  That's what Jews do.  We love to kill perfectly innocent, bunny-like Arabs and eat them for lunch.

This is because we are evil.

Look, I am going to come clean, guys.  The Jews are evil and we revel in blood-letting, just like so many Arabs and so many western-progressives tell us that we do.  I think that at this point we might as well just embrace the identity of vicious thugs and murderers... or, even a transcendent form of evil... which could represent terrific metaphysical fun!  They are going to consider us vicious thugs and murderers, anyway, for daring to actually strike back against thousands of Kassams and Katyushas thrown at Israel from Gaza ever since 2005, so we might as well roll with it.

Besides, who wants a weak and compliant ghetto Jew reputation?  The Israelis intentionally left that behind in 1948.  While much of the rest of the world - such as the useful idiots on Daily Kos - prefer their Jews weak, timid, ashamed, and guilt-ridden, I prefer my Jews strong, bold, unashamed and ready to fight back when necessary.

It has been thirteen or fourteen years of more or less continuous rocket fire into the south of Israel and, believe me, your friends on the left could hardly care less.  They don't care.  If they cared at some point a few of them might have looked up from Al Jazeera or the Huffington Post to suggest that maybe trying to kill random Jews is not such a good thing.

Of course, they never did say that.

They were silent as Jewish families lives were being ruined, their small town economies being wrecked, and their children actually being raised with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - as it is quite possible that Dana Bar-on and her siblings have on the Nir Am kibbutz just outside of Gaza - but at no point did the non-Jewish left object.  They simply do not care about Muslim on Jewish violence, because they honestly think that we deserve whatever beating we get.  They only care about Jewish on Muslim violence.

It is a matter of traditional values, really.  Arabs, and those of European descent, are, as a group, not the least bit comfortable with the idea of Jews fighting back.  This much is obvious.  It is not as if they have any humanitarian principles - and that goes four-fold for the Arabs - because if they did they might have shown some concern for 5.5 million dead Congolese over the last ten years, or thereabouts, but they did not.

They don't much care about the hundreds of thousands dead in Syria.  They don't much care about the Sudanese genocide.  Nor do they care about the Chinese in Tibet, nor the local Arabs who have been locked up in camps in Syria and Lebanon and G-d only knows where.

What they care about is Jewish self-defense, which is simply considered unacceptable because it flies in the face of time-honored tradition.  What they don't like are Israeli Jews, in particular, because it is the IDF that allows Jewish people throughout the world a measure of freedom to resist their persecutors and a place to escape to when those persecutors get out of hand, which history has shown repeatedly that they have a tendency to do.

hamas1So, yes, we need more war crimes.

We need as many war crimes as it takes to free the people of Gaza from this murderous regime that sticks babies in front of bombs so that if Israel dares to strike those bombs the western-left can drag out the blood libel and tell the world that Jews "Zionists" are baby killers.

Look, we've been through this before many times.

No matter what we do they will think that we are evil.  If Israel is the first country on the ground after the Haitian earthquake even westerners will tell one another that it's a whitewash and that all we want is to deflect from Jewish immorality toward the "indigenous" population in the Land of Israel.  Either that or Swedish newspapers will tell the world that Jews are murdering Arabs to harvest their organs and people will discuss among themselves whether or not that was what Israel was doing in Haiti.

I say that world opinion can go fuck itself.

Israel needs to eliminate Hamas and I do not care how many people scream from the roof-tops, "War Crimes!  War Crimes!  War Crimes!"

Again, round up the leadership and put them on trial for incitement to genocide after declaring Hamas an illegal organization and eliminating its ability to function.

If the people of Gaza do not want this kind of misery then I very much recommend that next time that they go to the polls - if there ever is a next time - that they might ponder the notion of a liberal democratic form of government that is more interested in creating jobs than in killing Jews.


  1. Well.. Mike I have to tell you that there is much here that I disagree with and some here that I agree with but I really disagree with this statement:

    Again, round up the leadership and put them on trial for war crimes after declaring Hamas an illegal organization and eliminating their ability to function.

    I don't believe that Israel needs to put Hamas' leadership on trial for anything. All they need to do is put a quick bullet into their brains and leave their bodies laying in the road for the dogs. They don't deserve one iota better.

    1. Great minds think alike, volley...

    2. You'll get no argument on this from me, VB.

      But, I have to say, this strikes me a bit like Bizarro World.

  2. I just, in far fewer words, said essentially the same thing to a friend. Though of course, self defense is not a 'war crime.'

    I disagree with your final paragraph, however. It would cost too many lives to capture Hamas leadership. Just kill them instead. Such 'glorious' martyrdom is, in fact, what they brainwash their Generic Terrorist Fighters into wanting, after all, so it should be good enough for them, too.

  3. Try them for war crimes, and confirm their legal responsibility for the deaths of all the Palestinian civilians while repudiating Muslim antisemitism.

    1. Postmortem, if need be. Capturing Hamas leadership isn't worth one IDF life.

  4. Hamas got its PR victory with the story of 15 children killed at a UN school via Israel rocketry.

    They got what they wanted. It cost the Gazans over 600 lives and who knows how much money, or NIS, but they got the job done because they knew that the western media would run with it if they got the right symbol.

    In these circumstances, the right symbol is Jews killing non-Jewish children.

    Gee, this is kind-of like the good old days... if the "good old days" is the thirteenth century in Europe.

    1. I firmly believe the world needs Israel more than Israel needs the world.

      'World opinion'... which if one pays any attention to the UN, one knows that 'world opinion' = hahaha, okay now get the fuck outta here... will soon be rightly worthless.

      In terms of dinosaur juice, of which the final easily extracted remains of same will be all slurped up within the next 20 - 30 years, the advanced societies of the world will either move on to alternative energy sources, or will turn in on themselves (ourselves) in vicious resource wars.

      Either way, nobody's gonna be having to kiss the asses of oil-producing, Jew-hating, Middle Eastern nations anymore.

      Europe is facing a coming Eurabia problem, with a growing number of Jihadi warriors coming back home after serving tours of 'duty' in Syria and elsewhere. We'll see how soon their multicultural experiment ends, one way or the other, once the historical European tendency toward genocidal violence against 'the other' is awakened once more.

      Israel will thrive on its own, in a smaller, much more localized world.

      It's admittedly a dark view of the future, but it's the most realistic one I see.

      Israel needs to wipe out the Hamas threat once and for all, permanently. No more two year hudnas.

      Israel needs to tell 'world opinion' to go suck an egg, if you ask me.

    2. There's a very good chance the school was hit by a Hamas rocket.

      “We can confirm that [Palestinian] terror rockets that were fired from that area landed in the neighborhood of the UN facility,” said Cap. Eytan Buchman of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, asserting that the death and destruction may have been caused by errant rockets fired by Hamas or another militant organization.

      UNRWA Spokesman Chris Gunness seemed to confirm that Hamas projectiles were fired in the area, writing on twitter that it’s “being reported there were Hamas rockets falling in Beit Hanoun today.”

      Read more: Israel and Hamas blame each other for attack on UN shelter | The Times of Israel
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    3. Yes, I do think so. And India and China are going to have their own massive overpopulation problems to deal with in the not-too-distant future, so they're gonna be out of the global power game eventually, too.

      Others are free to disagree, and that's fine, but I think small to mid-sized regional powers with functioning democratic systems, and strong, self-contained industry, technology and agricultural sectors, like Israel, are the exact kinds of nation set up to be the best off in the long run, post whatever results from the coming global energy crisis that none of the current large powers are seriously addressing.

      I'm not a doomer predicting reversion to the Middle Ages or anything, but when the world gets much smaller and more local, it's going to be countries like Israel that are going to be set up better than most to keep going along as usual.

      Israel can wait out its enemies and naysayers, imo, as long as it takes care of its business now.

    4. Huh.

      Y'know, Jay, that is an exceedingly interesting perspective and it is a doom-and-gloom scenario in the sense that you are predicting the collapse of the international political system as we know it.

      In fact, it sounds a little as if your are predicting global anarchy due to world-wide overpopulation and increasing chaos in the Muslim Middle East as oil revenues dry up.

      Is that a fair characterization?

      And when I say "anarchy" I do not mean people running through the streets. What I mean is the political science definition of small, semi-self-independent, entities that mainly deal on a local level with other such groupings.

      If so, you may very well be right. Certainly the European-imposed state structure on the Middle East is cracking up. Is Libya even still a country, really?

      From the perspective of geo-political power politics Israel is in a very interesting place at the moment. Everything around is either falling to pieces economically, like Egypt, or going up in flames, like Syria.

      The local Arabs are getting feisty again and Europe is turning against it and, I am sorry, but they have no faith in Obama.

      So, correct me if I am wrong, but what you are saying is that given Israel's technological and innovative culture it should be flexible enough as a small, but economically savvy country, to be in a good position to weather coming economic storms?

      The question that I would have is this:

      What local partners can Israel possibly turn to?

      How local is local?

    5. Yes, certain regions will of course deal with the issue in different ways, and Israel is in a pretty concerning neighborhood. But it doesn't necessarily mean that there will be violence and war everywhere. And in a world such as I envision, Israel can guard its borders, and respond to foreign threats, like every other country in the world currently can, as it sees fit.

      Exactly, this -

      "And when I say "anarchy" I do not mean people running through the streets. What I mean is the political science definition of small, semi-self-independent, entities that mainly deal on a local level with other such groupings.

      If so, you may very well be right. Certainly the European-imposed state structure on the Middle East is cracking up. Is Libya even still a country, really?

      Iraq, too, of course.

      The Kurds seem to know how to maintain stability and keep to themselves, and I can see them being a partner Israel can rely on. Perhaps the Turks and the Iranian people can also be partners when it's in their best interest, or any other group in the region which might potentially free themselves from Islamist systems.

      Regional is local. I'm not saying we're going back to before the wheel was invented, or anything like that. But global connections as we now them will be vastly different, and far less influential upon local economies / conflicts, than they are now. Even here at home in the US, I think especially out West, it's going to matter much more to, say, the average Utahn, what goes on in Salt Lake City, rather than what goes on in Washington, DC.

      It's not a gloomy view at all, if you ask me. It just will be what it is, and whatever any given region / country / continent / peoples make of it, they'll be better or worse off accordingly.

  5. Essentially, it's all one big modern blood libel. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

  6. hamas's massive plan that failed:

    Plans for an attack so massive that Israel would likely never fully recover-the equivalent of 9/11-were found during the ground operation of Protective Edge.

    The plan outlines Hamas' intent to send a swarm of up to 1000's of terrorists through multiple tunnels, exiting at multiple points. The terrorists would go on a rampage of a siege-attack, killing as many as they possibly could. Material discoveries made in the tunnels puts the pieces of the puzzle together as to how this would work. Automatic weapons and explosives, rocket launchers...and IDF uniforms. Their victims would initially think that Israeli soldiers are shooting at them. Soldiers wouldn't know who to shoot at either.

    You have to wonder why these Imperialist Arabs in Palestine didn't hold their rocket fire and lure Israel into a sense of calm only to then unleash this deadly plan. I guess these maniacal Islamists are so hungry for Jewish blood that they couldn't contain themselves.

  7. The top 500 animals in Hamas and their immediate families need to be hunted down, crucified and set on fire with rocket exhaust. Put it on YouTube to the soundtrack of some ear bleeding Arab warble music.

  8. And thus Obama and Kerry's support of Qatar (and Hamas)!