Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This is Dana Bar-on and Hamas Wants Her Dead

Michael L. 

Please watch and distribute.

The last five minutes, by the way, are probably more important than the first five, so you should watch it through.

The enemies of the Jewish people have for centuries claimed that we just love to kill children and innocents.

This is the basis of the deicide claim concerning Jesus Christ - being the ultimate innocent, of course - and the claims concerning Jewish lusting after non-Jewish baby blood throughout the Middle Ages.

It has not gone away, but I am pretty sure that Dana harbors no lust for violence in her heart - unlike her kindly neighbors who hide their weapons behind their own children.

The reason that I bring it up here is because Israel's response to the shelling of Dana and her family and her neighbors has gotten much of the western-left into an uproar concerning alleged Jewish aggression.

I think, ultimately, that if the local Arabs do not want war then, perhaps, they should not wage war, but if they do wage war than they will have to accept responsibility for the clearly foreseeable outcome of their own violent behavior.

The Day of the Dhimmi is Done and Jewish people are no longer going to be anyone's punching bag... not even that of our traditional Arab-Muslim masters.

We in the diaspora need to do whatever little we can do to protect her neighborhood and the surrounding regions in the south of Israel near Gaza.

I suppose the main thing that we can do, other than those of us who are young enough to enlist, is simply advocate for the elimination of Hamas.  So long as the people of S'derot and Ashkelon, and smaller communities like Nir Am, are under siege, so all Jews are under siege.

We need to contact our politicians and let them know that we support Protective Edge.

We need to let Israel know that we back the IDF and that we support the elimination of Hamas, on liberal grounds... by any means necessary.

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