Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Join the American Red Cross!

Michael L.

red cross1On Sunday, July 27, United States House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), spoke with CNN correspondent, Candy Crowley, about the Obama presidency and its relationship with the Russians and the Israelis.  Toward the end of this conversation, after confirming Israel's security needs, Pelosi said the following:
We have to support the Palestinians and what they need. And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization...
Needless to say, this raised the question of whether or not Pelosi considers Hamas, like the Red Cross, to be a "humanitarian organization."  It has to be noted, first and foremost, that Pelosi has been on record for a very long time recognizing Hamas as a terrorist organization.  There is no question but that Minority Leader Pelosi claims to oppose Hamas for the very same reason that all secular liberals should.

Hamas is an Islamist regime that, by definition, wants to see al-Sharia as the basis of government and, therefore, women treated as property, Gay people murdered outright on religious grounds, all non-Muslims subject to second and third-class non-citizenship within the system of dhimmitude, and Jews kept readily available for genocide.

{By the way, my favorite of the old-timey dhimmitude rules is the one that declared that Jews are not allowed to ride horses, only donkeys.  The purpose of the system, it must be understood, was not merely forced submission, but humiliation in the eyes of Allah.}

So, just why did Pelosi tell the American people that, according to Qataris, Hamas is a "humanitarian organization"?  Why repeat such utter nonsense to the American public?  If someone with Nancy Pelosi's stature says something like this on CNN to Candy Crowley it can cause millions of Americans to think that, well, maybe Hamas is, in fact, a "humanitarian organization."

In my surprise that representative Pelosi, my former representative in Washington D.C., made such a remark, I wrote a small piece on Israel Thrives entitled, Does Pelosi Think that Hamas is a "Humanitarian Organization".  

Here is a tid-bit:
Of course, one must wonder just what she was thinking, therefore, when she raised the point with Crowley, to begin with.  The clear and obvious implication is that Pelosi is sympathetic to that point of view. 
If this is the case it can only mean that Pelosi believes that a genocidal organization that calls specifically for the slaughter of the Jewish people can be a "humanitarian organization."  Either that or she is so woefully ignorant of the Middle East and Israel that she should very definitely remain silent on the matter.
Nancy Pelosi is the ranking Democratic member of the House Committee on Intelligence.  There is no possible way that she does not understand that Hamas is a terrorist organization.  In order to confirm this I wrote a note to Drew Hammill, Pelosi's Deputy Communications Director in Washington D.C. asking him to clarify that Pelosi does not believe that Hamas is a "humanitarian organization" and asking him why she would have raised the point to begin with on national television?

To Hammill's credit he responded in a timely manner and this is what he had to say:
As Leader Pelosi reiterated in her CNN interview, Hamas is a terrorist organization.  As also stated, she believes that in supporting a two-state solution, we must support Abbas, we must support Israel’s Iron Dome initiative and we must support the humanitarian needs of the Palestinians.  She also believes that engaging the Qataris, who refer to Hamas as a humanitarian organization and fund such needs, would put additional pressure on Hamas to stop the rockets attacks and destroy all tunnels.
I very much wonder about that final sentence because it raises more questions than it answers.

I have no reason to doubt the fine intentions of either Nancy Pelosi, or her staff, when it comes to the well-being of the Jewish State of Israel, but are we honestly to believe that Qatar is going to pressure Hamas to reign in the rocketeers and destroy the tunnels that threaten Jewish lives?

I told Mr. Hammill that I have nothing against representative Pelosi and that I would endeavor to be fair if I took up this conversation.  Well, I have taken it up and I do think that I am being fair.

Nancy Pelosi's office is telling us that Qatar might use its influence with Hamas to encourage them not to bomb Israel and to dismantle the terror tunnels.

Are we honestly supposed to believe that this is a credible position for the leading Democrat in the United States House of Representatives?

Given the fact that Qatar funds Hamas' efforts to murder Jews it is rather unlikely that it would use its influence to encourage Hamas not to murder Jews.  In fact, I feel reasonably comfortable in asserting that the very reason Qatar funds Hamas is precisely because Hamas is in The Jew Killing Industry.  The very point of Hamas' existence is to harass and murder the Jews of the Middle East, for the purpose of demoralizing them, while crying to the western-left that ZioNazi Imperial Colonialists are being mean to the bunny-like "indigenous" population.

I do not believe that Pelosi is malicious.

I suppose that what we are left with is either "shockingly naive" or "not really very intelligent."

I'll go with the former.


  1. Maybe you just have a different sense of what 'humanitarian' is:

    Paragraph 3:

    "The terrorists also told interrogators that he had coordinated anti-tank ambushes and set up sniper positions against IDF forces during Operation Protective Edge. The sniper positions were placed in the tenth floor of the Red Cross building in Khan Younis, in line with Hamas's doctrine of using sensitive civilian buildings as military posts to make it more difficult for Israel to strike them without incurring civilian casualties."

  2. Or, if you prefer, the open secret that Hamas Central is underneath a hospital and journalists have known it for years.

  3. I remember diversity lunches, but not rocket launching or kidnapping classes, over the year I worked at the Red Cross. Perhaps every chapter operates differently, though. ;)

    1. I feel reasonably confident that if Pelosi could take that one back she would.

      But, really, Qatar is going to intervene on the behalf of Jews with Hamas?

      The notion is simply ridiculous and it does raise serious questions about Pelosi's judgement on the Arab-Israel conflict.

      It's also just odd.

  4. By the by the NYT printed a piece detailing the ransoms paid by European firms and governments to al Qaeda et al for kidnapped nationals.