Thursday, July 31, 2014

Petition to Defund UNRWA

Michael L.

I received a note from Mets102, of Daily Kos and Progressive Zionist fame, and I promised him that I would do what I can do to alert people to this petition.

Petition to defund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA):
Terrorist missiles have been found in three separate UNRWA schools in Gaza in three separate instances. It is clear that UNRWA is either unable or uninterested in preventing terrorists from using its schools as rocket warehouses. These rockets have subsequently been returned to the terrorists that are "Gaza authorities."

These missiles are used to terrorize the civilian population of our ally, Israel, where citizens have as little as 15 seconds to flee for shelter when one of those rockets is launched at Israel.

Through its inability and/or disinterest UNRWA is complicit in the use of its facilities as rocket warehouses. The United States is UNRWA's largest contributor. Our government should therefore cease our funding of UNRWA.
I would very much encourage anyone who cares about eventual peace between the Arabs and the Jews in the Middle East to sign this petition.  UNRWA is not in the business of ameliorating and ending the ongoing Arab refugee problem, but of continuing it generation upon generation.

The purpose of UNRWA, ultimately, is to maintain the local Arab fighting population who are used against the Jews in that part of the world by the greater Arab and Muslim powers that dominate the United Nations.

To fund UNRWA is to fund the long Arab war against the Jews in the Middle East.

Of course, it should be defunded.


  1. Would like to see the UNHCR take jurisdiction and end the special treatment of Palestinians as eternal refugees.

    Also to change the definition of a refugee. There is no way that 700,000 turns to 5,000,000.

    To turn off the money completely, however, is something that Israel would oppose.

    The the following at the Middle East Forum and Foreign Policy delve into the issues :

    1. School,

      you are always much more attracted to the legal aspects of the conflict than am I.

      For the life of me I have no idea how it is that the UN can possibly justify a separate and distinct legal category of refugee for "Palestinians" than from every other refugee in the world.

      In an earlier comment you asked, "Where is the lawfare?"

      You would think, given Jewish reputation for litigiousness, that we would be all over that, but I do not see it happening.

    2. International law is the arena in which these things occur.

      UNRWA preceded UNHCR, and was never intended to be a permanent mechanism where descendants would cause it to swell and become corrupted by the Palestinians.

      The Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols determine what is the scope of conduct in situations of armed conflict, as applied to states. The ICC extended the scope beyond state responsibility to include individuals.

      What occurs at the UN and the HRC and with respect to the Security Council and under the General Assembly or ECOSOC are all international law, too. Groups like the OIC and Non-Aligned Movement and regional organizations and NGOs fully engage in this process.

      And then there are international courts and committees that administer treaties, not to mention other examples.

      I suppose that is why it is the orientation I possess.

  2. I would go the other way and work toward a complete Potemkin state. One where every single function and every single job for every single person is paid for and administered by others. Every service from picking up the trash to painting one's own house to all doctors to keeping the lights on to stocking the supermarkets is 100% micro managed by the UN and the EU so that Gazans don't work or go to school or have to go to work or go to school. All they need do is stay home and make more Gazans. Everything, no matter how trivial can be done by Europeans who are out of work in Europe, from washing their clothes and cleaning their homes, to running the post office and tending to the playgrounds. 100%. Each Gazan gets a stipend of more or less a middle class European level and a half million or more Europeans get gainful employment. I bet it could be done for less than 20 or 25 billion Euros a year.

    The EU gets to wallow in their White Man's Tears and patronize the Gazans. The UN gets to hire more people and take more money. National governments get to appease their own Arabs and Muslims. They could make Gaza something like a protectorate, much the same way Kosovo is ruled by a European Viceroy. Eventually this could lead to a broader definition under the Schengen Area Agreement, open the borders of Gaza to the EU w/o passport restrictions. Either a million new people would flock to Gaza to be taken care of which would tend to level out the expense to maintain that across all the EU states, or, a million Gazans would leave to live in other Schengen states. I for one can't think of a down side to a million heavily armed angry children moving to London, Brussels, Paris, Stockholm and Oslo and expecting not only to be waited on hand and foot for life, but being allowed to kill whomever they like with not only impunity but with praise and love.

    I think it can work.

    1. We need more out of the box thinking like this!

      Thanks for brightening my morning.