Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pat Condell Is Still Dead Set Right


This continues the theme at the Joint  about the curse of being forced to live history over and over again. A condemnation that is earned by the big, lazy and ignorant and caste off on the small and innocent.

Deja spew if you will

'plus ca change, plus ca reste la meme chose', if you like

The Joint saw and posted this video when it was first uploaded less than two years ago. It is confronting how much has been forgotten by so many in such a short time.

It has just been emailed to me again from someone in Israel struck by its currency and who comments , "Why is it that only he--and a very few others--can perceive the truth of this conflict?"

The video screams to be heard again right now.  

This is Pat Condell in November 2012 commenting on the renewed bombardment of Israel by the criminal regime in Gaza, what is Hamas, what it wants, how it only can  be dealt with and the hopeless, bottomless, blind depravity of the Western liberal/left who reflexively take the side of the enemies of Israel and the West.

There was not a word wasted then. There is not a word you would trim or add now.

hat tip elenor

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