Thursday, July 17, 2014

Credit Where Credit is Due

Michael L.

I believe that Israel has a moral obligation to its citizenry, if not to Jews all over the world, to eliminate Hamas' ability to function.

This is not what Obama wants.  What he wants is a cease-fire, which is to say, he wants to protect Hamas from Israel.  Or, to be charitable, he may only want to save as many lives as possible.


This is what the man has to say and, if his goal is that of ceasefire, the comments were entirely reasonable.


  1. Don't worry the IDF will shell hospitals,schools and homes all in the name of protecting Israel. It won't matter to you or any other pro Israel supporter how many innocents are killed they are after all the enemy population.

    You'll come back with they are warned by the IDF to evacuate but where are they to evacuate to? The Mediterranean sea or perhaps they can be beamed up by the Starship Enterprise.

    1. Read the pathetic comment above, the first in the thread, and was not going to say anything. Then saw this:

      Hamas has instructed its social media legions to be careful with terminology used to describe Israel’s Operation Protective Edge on Facebook, posting a revealing set of guidelines on its own Facebook page, MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, reported on Thursday. Among its recommendations, social media activists were told to describe anyone who dies as a “civilian,” and specifically were reminded, “Don’t forget to always add ‘innocent civilian.’”

      Why do some defend this, as above, and who are they to leacture anyone about what is moral?

    2. On the other hand:

      Israeli military officials insist they are going out of their way to minimize civilian casualties in the intensifying ground invasion of Gaza, telling that some 14 Hamas terror operatives have been let off the hook after determinations that targeting them could put others at risk.

      “We weigh up the potential civilian damage if we carry out a strike, against taking out or not taking out the terrorist," Israel Defense Forces Lt. Col. Peter Lerner told in an exclusive interview. "As a policy we do not target civilians intentionally and do everything in our power to [minimize casualties]. I can tell you that on at least 14 occasions – [during the current hostilities] - we have let 14 senior terrorists fly because we did not want extensive collateral damage.”

      Again, go lecture someone else, such as those who secretly wish for Hamas to accomplish its ends.

    3. Considering most of Gaza is rolling brown grassy hills of nothing I suspect there is someplace. I know maybe one of the 3 five-star resorts there or one of the 2 or 3 mega malls or one of the basements of the many luxury car dealerships there.