Sunday, July 20, 2014

Latest Sunday Column for the Elder

Michael L.

another monster1 The Elder was kind enough to publish my latest Sunday column entitled Jewish Monsters and the Horrible Rings of Hatred.

Here is a tid-bit:
They honestly think that Jewish people are monsters.

It is the only final explanation that I can come to.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and other such affable neighbors blanket Israel in bombs - thousands and thousands of bombs over the course of years - ruining the lives of tens of thousands of young people throughout that part of the country - and the western-left, which claims to care about human rights, simply does not care about those human rights.

They honestly, sincerely do not care and, thus, have never minded Arab-on-Jewish violence... or, really, anybody on Jewish violence.

Israel is both one of the smallest countries in the world and the single most bombed country in the world for its size and the very people who claim to stand for human rights and social justice, could not care less.

On the contrary, they honestly believe that we deserve it.

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