Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Michael L.

Much of the western left seems to think that the Jews want war.

They blame Netanyahu and they blame right-wing Israelis, like Naftali Bennett, but they never blame the great Arab majority population.  They also blame Jewish people or partially Jewish people or friends of Jewish people or anyone who does business with the Jewish State as horrendous monsters.

The bottom line is this:
There are around four hundred million Arabs surrounding six million Jews and, for religious reasons, Jewish autonomy is unacceptable.  If those Jews were Muslims it would not be a problem.   
The problem is that they are Jews.
That is the inescapable conclusion and until westerners, in general, wrap their minds around the fact of Nazi-like Arab-Muslim hatred toward Jews they will never have any idea what is going on.

{My prayers are with my friends and brethren in Israel.}


  1. Refer back to my post about Dylan's "Neighborhood Bully" that is directed at this mentality from the fake humanists that blame Israel for the hate and violence directed at it, and the Jews, for being Jews, while claiming to speak for peace.

  2. This is where Hannah Arendt got it 100% wrong. There is no such thing as the banality of evil. There is only evil. People root for the Arabs because they want to exterminate the Jews, not in spite of it.

  3. So, there is strong talk of a ceasfire brokered by Egypt.,7340,L-4543548,00.html

    But get this. Hamas says only if the blockade gets lifted, prisoners are freed and other concessions. The nerve of the losers.