Saturday, July 12, 2014

IDF Pilot Calls Off Airstrike

Michael L.

It doesn't matter how many hundreds of rockets that Arabs shoot into Israel because nobody outside of the international Jewish minority, with notable exceptions, gives a damn.  It doesn't matter if little Israeli kids develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as babies and it doesn't matter what kind of adults derive from such experience.  The reason it doesn't matter is because the rest of the world, for the most part, simply doesn't care.

What they do care about is when the Jews of the Middle East dare to defend themselves against their genocidal next-door neighbors.  Now that is completely unacceptable.  Arabs butchering Arabs in the hundreds of thousands - in a years-long display of barbarism and blood, even featuring examples of triumphant cannibalism before the cameras - and they barely care about that.

The much hailed "Arab Spring" has not become an "Arab Winter" it has become an "Arab Hell."  They are butchering one another in droves throughout the Arab-Muslim world but there are no calls for boycott, by self-righteous and hypocritical western leftists, of any of the 22 Arab states.

Arabs ethnically-cleansing Christians out of the Middle East?  Just fine.  How many millions dead and displaced in the Darfur conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims?  Who knows?  Who cares, really?

But Jews fighting back?!

Not acceptable!

Well, I have to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that times have changed.  The good-old-days when you could toss Jews down European wells with impunity are over.  The times when the Jews lived as second and third class non-citizens under Arab imperial rule (dhimmitude) are also over.

I am sorry, but it has to become clear to people that the Jews are no longer punching bags.

Oh, and by the way, many in the progressive left are going to use this conflict as an excuse to seek to undermine Israel's legitimacy in the eyes of as many people as they can.  They will drag out the blood libel by claiming that Israel is specifically targeting civilians.  They will imply and suggest that Israeli Jews are the most evil people on the planet who want nothing more than to eat little Arab babies for lunch.

It is a lie.

The exact opposite is true.  Israel always does everything that it can do to limit civilian casualties.  In fact, it is my understanding that Israel has the very best record of all countries in modern warfare in limiting civilian casualties of the enemy population.

And that's why the little clip above matters.

But, y'know, I am just spitting into a typhoon of hatred that is pervading the progressive-left anti-Jewish anti-Israel blogosphere as I write this.

{G-d bless and keep the IDF.}


  1. Many believe that in the name of resistance that war crimes are allowed. These people are beyond help.

    Others believe that Israel action toward civilian populations is as bad as that practiced by Hamas or Syria. They are ignorant and often surprised to learn the facts because they think they know the whole story from their reputable sources.

    What many cannot conceive is the plight of 14 million fish in a sea of 7 billion, especially when their existence is perpetually threatened not only in idea, but actual experience.

    Seems that Israel knows it cannot win, no matter what it does, so it should do what it must, and tell others that it has nothing to apologize for, but acts exemplary compared to its critics.

    1. Your last paragraph sums it all up.

      Israel needs to just keep doing what it must, and try not to laugh too hard at the fantastic claims of those who insist that BDS and other antisemitic measures are forever right on the brink of bringing the nation to its knees.

      When even the antisemites themselves currently use Israeli technology to build their websites and maintain cell phone contact with each other, not to mention the fact that within the next couple of decades or so, the final reserves of easily-extracted dinosaur juice in the Arab nations is going to be depleted and the Western nations which actually could potentially end Israel have absolutely no desire or further incentive to align with theocratic Islamist terror states in their quest to do so, the real threat is nonexistent.

  2. I think what amazes me the most is the indifferent way within which they dismiss the fact of thousands of rockets into southern Israel as a casus belli.

    They honestly seem to think that not only do Jews have no rights to defend themselves against a much larger hostile majority, but even contemplating doing so, or supporting doing so, represents an unjust form of violent racism against the majority population.

    This may be the most terrific scam in modern political history.

  3. In a way though we've started to make progress toward The War of Boring. A few years ago I would have expected a huge upwelling of Jew hate, official condemnations, UN pronouncements, EU blithering, Malaysian PM's screaming about the Global Jewspiracy. And while it's fairly obvious that the tide of ethnic cleansing is unstoppable in Europe and the 1.2 million Jews there have no long term promise and should, for those who can, think seriously of emigrating, the political and media backlash is no worse than before and has moderated and weakened in others.

    I don't chalk this up to finding any new friends. I think people are just a bit sick of the Arabs squatting in the dust with their silver bowls screaming for a handout and killing the people who help them. They've just become part of the scenery.

    Years ago, maybe 2005-6 I had a conversation with a left wing Sabra and I mentioned that a side effect of what Sharon accomplished in evacuating Gaza was to enter into a long process of renegotiating the water level of new atrocities going forward; that nothing was really solved long run because all everyone is squabbling about is the level of acceptable violence. I asked him to review his own history in the
    "War of Attrition" 1967-70 and how the total casualties were on par on both sides as the Six Day War and yet no one outside of Israel knows about it. It raised the water level for acceptable violence to the point where, when Egypt reached the tipping point before the Yom Kippur war, no one in Israel took it very seriously. I was pooh poohed on this point by my Sabra friend who insisted that post Gaza there would be this bright shining city on the hill called 'peace'. But in fact I still believe we were actually speaking about the same thing and simply calling it something else. One person's 'peace' is another person's 'another day another rocket'.

    We've heard the obligatory Navay Pillay shrieks from the UN how the Jews are evil. We've seen and heard that pig faced loon on CNN, Hanan Ashrawi blither w/o restraint. We seen John Kerry and his flying monkeys condemn Israel for something or other like they typically do.

    Bust mostly it's all Grey Noise. Another bleak day on the yard. The BDStards haven't become stupider or louder. The EU trade unions haven't voted to end all cooperation even harder. The Guardian and the BBC and the NY Times aren't being more antisemitic. And the occasional rocket by Hezbollah, Syria, ISIS are more along the lines of showing the flag. Even Abbas, useless old woman that he is only oks a few rockets so that his 'people' know which side he pretends to be on this week. And he's more than happy to watch his archrivals get their asses kicked.

    We may have reached the forest fire stage of 'palestinian' violence. Yes wildfires are bad, houses burn, people get hurt and its disruptive but soon enough it's controlled. People go back to their homes like they do in So Cal and learn to live with seasonable wildfires.