Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bibi Calls It Like No One Else Will

Maybe because he actually lives in the target state.

 If anybody needed a reminder that the sanctions have not stopped the nuclear program, it was the guided tour by the Iran’s president in the centrifuge hall yesterday," he said. “I hope they work, but so far they have not." Netanyahu characterized Iran as a regime that “breaks all the rules." A regime that was formed through the taking of the US embassy in Tehran, Iran -- Netanyahu said -- has ever since continued to show no respect for international rules. The most recent example, he said, was attacking foreign diplomats and their wives. “They send children into mine fields, they have suicide bombers, they send tens of thousands of rockets into our cites and towns," Netanyahu said. “Such a regime should obviously not have an atomic bomb, and I believe that the international community is becoming aware by the day of what it means for Iran” to have nuclear potential, he said.  

Whatever you think of Bibi, he tells it like it is. Would that more would do the same. But then, they don't live in the kill zone, do they?


  1. Speaking of Iran, here is a good video of one who was there and can explain the regime quite well.