Monday, February 27, 2012

Brief Notes: Barack Obama Kicked Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Head


Upon the rise of radical Islam in the Middle East last year, during what is commonly known as the "Arab Spring," Barack Obama said the following:

There are times in the course of history when the actions of ordinary citizens spark movements for change because they speak to a longing for freedom that has been building up for years. In America, think of the defiance of those patriots in Boston who refused to pay taxes to a King, or the dignity of Rosa Parks as she sat courageously in her seat.

Whatever Obama's intention, his effect was to compare radical Islam to the Revolution of '76, as well as to the American Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

This is not hyperbole. This is not exaggeration. This is just a fact.

Barack Obama suggested that the rise of a theologically inspired dictatorship throughout the Arab and Muslim world that oppresses women, kills Gay people, and seeks the genocide of the Jews is a good thing.

I remain utterly flabbergasted that the progressive-left sanctions this disgrace towards its entire movement.

Martin Luther King, Jr. must be spinning.

The progressive-left is just dead.

I am watching it decompose before my very eyes.

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