Thursday, February 9, 2012

Racist Daily Kossack Stands Up For Jihadi


One of the more vile racists on Daily Kos goes by the moniker "soysauce." Soysauce spends much of her time reviling the Jewish people, and spreading hatred toward us, through reviling the Jewish state and spreading hatred toward it.

In her most recent post "Palestinian Prisoner on Day 53 of Hunger Strike" she writes:

Khader Adnan, an imprisoned Palestinian activist, has been on a hunger strike for 53 days. He is dying as I write this, and the world stands by.

She claims that Adnan is subject to "harsh interrogation and torture." The truth, of course, is that she really has no idea whether this is true or not. One thing that we do know, although she fails to mention this minor detail, is that this "imprisoned Palestinian activist" is a member of the violently anti-Semitic organization, Islamic Jihad.  (And this from a "peace activist" who claims to be an Arab, perhaps Palestinian, Quaker.)

Meanwhile, over at Y-Net we learn:

Islamic Jihad, an Iranian-backed terrorist group that has killed dozens of Israelis in suicide bombings and other attacks, has vowed to punish Israel if Adnan dies. The group could fire rockets into Israel from its stronghold in the Gaza Strip, where it has recently built up a powerful arsenal of new weapons.

So, on a progressive-left website devoted to electing more and "better" Democrats we have people championing Jihadis.  Islamic Jihad is responsible for more than 30 suicide bombings.

These are the kinds of people who are promoted and defended on Daily Kos.

You know, back when George W. Bush was still president and when I was still going to anti-war rallies and phone banking for Democrats, occasionally I would hear where some conservative would accuse the Left of siding with terrorists. Naturally I believed no such thing because it seemed entirely preposterous. Why would progressives who believe in universal human rights side with Jihadis who have no such interests and who are, in fact, seeking the return of the Caliphate and the persecution of gays, women, and Jews in the Middle East?

You can only imagine my surprise when I learned how wrong I really was. The fact of the matter is that there is an element within the progressive movement, including people such as Daily Kos's "soysauce" who do, in fact, side with Jihadis against gays, women, and Jews.

So, was the hunger-striking Mr. Adnan tortured by the Israelis? I certainly hope not, but I do not know and neither does "soysauce." She is simply using his case as a club with which to beat up on the Jewish state in order to help delegitimize that country for the purpose of softening it up for its eventual dissolution or destruction.

In doing so she lies to her audience by suggesting that this prisoner was an "activist." What she does not tell her audience is that the guy is a member of Islamic Jihad, one of the most deadly, racist, and genocidal organizations in the entire Middle East.

This is what the progressive-left is enabling and yet they still expect to be supported by Jewish people. And if we fail to support our own suicide then sometimes they even suggest that we are thereby not worthy of being an American, that "the voter who feels this way is living in the wrong country" and should move to Israel.

The progressive-left has emerged as the most hate-filled, regressive, and racist political movement in the West at this time.

This is a hard truth for many of us to face, but truth it is, like it or not.



  1. The guy has a previous arrest and had RETURNED to "subversive activities." So of course he was likely to be rearrested. This left wing love for genocidal terrorists is puzzling. But, remember how happy they were when all those prisoners with blood on their hands were released for Schalit? So nice they could be "reunited with their families."

  2. To the "soysauces" of the world anyone who seeks to kill Jews is a "peace activist" and if Israeli Jews arrest such a person then that country is automatically in violation of the peace activists human rights and civil liberties.

  3.  And there are far too many soysauces out there.

  4. There is law about administrative detention, which need not be solely for alleged crimes.

    Thus, there are standards over the validity of the detention and the treatment while in detention. 

    I suspect that the Israelis followed the law as to detention, but if they mistreated the detainee they should be held accountable.
    These folks, however, seem to believe that all detentions are per se illegal. Try to ask them if that is so, and if they agree that some detentions are permitted by law (as they are), then where do they draw the line?

    All I know is that these are the very hardest legal issues out there, when the gray area of combatants and asymmetrical warfare are involved. Derogation may be justified if the appropriate conditions are met, and those who condemn Israel have not shown otherwise, other than they do not like what has occurred.

    See the following for edification:

    Body of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment

  5. never was there a truer statement
    "there are far too many soysauces out there"
    soy is a truly loathsome internet presence, in part because she should know better.  She's not a wild-eyed 19 year old, whose over-the-top rhetoric and flirtations with genocidal maniacs can be chalked up to the folly of youth.  She's a full fledged adult, with a 'real' job.  And yet she embraces antisemitic extremists and 9/11 trutherism, sometimes under the thin and inconsistent cover of 'peace' and sometimes not, depending on the audience. 

    Daily Kos is fundamentally compromised by its full-on embrace of jihadist proponents like soy, Iran-regime lovers like BigAlTheAntiSemite, pathological liars like The Troubadour, and Paulbots of all stripes.  I would venture at this point that a majority of users there do not even consider themselves Democrats.  It is a classic example of an inevitable drift toward the fringe, but I still disagree that it is 'representative' of the Democratic party, even the base. 

  6.  I think few of that lot ever came to dKos because they were Democrats. Rather, they sought a welcoming environment and they got it, among a lot of people who do see themselves as Democrats.

    Most avoid I/P and concentrate on stuff that really matters to Democrats but therein is part of the problem. It is still a home for these fringers. Purge baby purge!

  7. She's the kind of activist that puts forth the most ghastly notions with violent consequences and does so in the treacly language of human rights.

    I find it revolting.

  8. The thing is, the members of the contemporary Left (and "9/11 Truthers", and Ron Paul supporters, etc.) believe that they're standing up to, and opposing, "The Imperialist Oppressors"/"The NWO", etc., by attacking Israel, and by, as part of that, believing and propagating racist anti-Jewish/anti-Israel libels that, in fact, were originally propagated by, and which continue to be most influentially propagated by, the members of the (supremacist, and racist anti-Jewish) governing class of the United States of America and of other Western other countries - including the heads of, and general membership of, the governmental intelligence agencies of Western countries, and the owners of the parent companies of the media corporations of the Western mass media, etc.

    The Left have no idea what they're doing. They don't know anything. They've gone populist and totalitarian, and, integrelly involved with that, they've gone racist genocidally anti-Jewish. They now believe and propagate memes descended directly from the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and Mein Kampf (and, by the way, from many of the writings of Karl Marx (the Nazi (NAtionalsoZIalistische) movement, and the Italian Fascist movement, were Socialist movements, after all - and many Socialists (non-Nazi, and non-Italian-Fascist, Socialists), such as George Bernard Shaw (and BTW, Jack Philby - the most important manager of the British Mandate of Palestine) - supported the Nazis)).

    The members of the contemporary Left are so ignorant and so deluded that they believe that the sophisticated racist genocidal libelous narrative that is being propagated by the Western mass-media against Israel, and, against, as part of that, the Jewish people as a whole, is "Zionist propaganda".

  9.  Clarification:

    The members of the contemporary Left are so ignorant and so deluded that they believe the sophisticated racist genocidal libelous narrative that is being propagated by the Western mass-media against Israel, and, against, as part of that, the Jewish people as a whole, yet they believe, in the abstract, that the Western mass-media is somehow propagating so-called "Zionist propaganda" and that the stating of facts about the situation that Israel is in somehow corroborates with the sophisticated racist genocidal libelous narrative that is being propagated by the Western mass-media against Israel and that the stating of facts about the situation that Israel is in is so-called "Zionist propaganda".

    Joseph Goebbels (and, also, the agents of the Soviet Novosti) would be gratified.