Thursday, February 23, 2012

Overhaul (Updated)


You guys will please excuse the interruption as I figure out what the new commenting application will be.

I've dumped Disqus because it simply was not working properly and that means a whole bunch of comments went away with it.

Please forgive me, but there is no way around this that I know of.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

In the mean time, I need to figure out the best way to get back up and running.


Commenting is restored and the old comments are still there, BUT for some reason it has all the comments listed under my name.


Update 2:

It looks to me like we are good to go.

Any comments that you make in the future should show up under your own username and the new "last comments" widget is much, much faster than the old one.

If you guys have any further concerns, please let me know.



  1. OK.

    It looks as if when someone leaves a comment, now, it is listed under their name, rather than my own.


    Of course, this does nothing for us when it comes to previous comments.

    Also, why does it take so blasted long for comments to appear "Recent Comments"?

    It's kind of infuriating, actually.

    Nonetheless, it looks like we're good to go moving forward.

  2. You will just have to keep tweaking. No get around. But how did you get them to thread?

    I f you or anyone else has experience with Wordpress I'd like to know about it.

    1. Thread?

      Do you mean nesting comments wherein one can reply and see the reply off-set below and to the right of the replied to comment?

      Here's basically what happened:

      I had been getting more and more dissatisfied with Disqus mainly because the reply function was, as you said, hit or miss.

      Also, people were telling that they were having a difficult time commenting because sometimes the system would act up.

      So, finally I decided that I would just delete Disqus (which I did) on the assumption that blogger would automatically revert to its default commenting system.

      What happened was that after I deleted Disqus, but before it actually went away, that guy from Disqus dropped in to see what he could do.

      Hours go by and then, suddenly, the Disqus deletion kicked in leaving us without any commenting system at all.

      When I went to bed last night I had no idea how I was going to fix this.

      What I ended up doing was manually instructing the system to go back to its default, which it has done. But it seems to me that they've simply improved it over the old version because nested commenting is available automatically.

      What was still driving me nuts, tho, was that the recent comments list, which I consider an important feature, was just so, so slow. A person would comment and 45 minutes might go by before their comment appeared on the recent comment list.

      So, I went shopping around (so to speak) and found these guys:

      Now it updates in real time.

      And there we are.

    2. Nesting is what I meant, by the way, even if my last comment did not (and maybe not this one either.)

  3. Cool. Now if anyone has any views about Wordpress?

  4. Apparently the reply function in blogger is limited to just one.

    In other words, you can reply to a comment, but cannot reply to a reply of a comment.

    {Oh, for G-d's sake!}


    I can live with it if you guys can.