Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My First Bannings! (Good For Me.)


I have decided that Mets and Volleyboy1 are no longer welcome on these premises.

Their Stalinistic demands for ideological conformity tend to bring out the worst in everyone, including myself, and since I own this joint I have no reason to put up with it.

Ta-Ta, Gentlemen.

{And, better yet, get lost.}




  1. Mets,

    at the moment that all that was needed was a bit of solidarity with a young Jewish girl whose family had just been killed, you could not bring yourself to extend the hand.

    In truth, I was shocked.

    So, piss off.

    I do not want authoritarians like you or Volleyboy1 disrupting this blog.

  2. Oh yeah and you better watch it... oldschool is going to be all over you for censoring ideas. Should be in 3.... 2...

  3. As you know, I objected to the deletion of their remarks and indicated that it was not a good decision when VB did it to me either. Their words were silly, and in some cases demeaning, but they help to show where things stand. The more that is out there, the more the truth will rise.

    What I did find troubling was the repetitive questioning of sanity and motivation. Why not accept that not everyone sees what occurs the same or from the same level? I oppose trying to jam one's views down the throats of others, no matter from what side. I also oppose defining those who think differently as "others" and there was way too much of that.

    I am against banning as well, FWIW.

    I am curious to know if these folks think that everything in the world is just fine. It seems so. Because Obama is such a good friend to Israel, we need not look at anything else that is taking place, or discuss the merits of his actions either. Obama's friendship is the only criteria to make a valid judgment.

    But what if there are other issues where things are NOT fine, potentially more important, as Jews, democrats, Americans, to peace and security? Why get so apoplectic about those who address what is going on, who wish to provide more food on the table, especially a table that is imbalanced in information?

    Are domestic politics their entire universe? Is that how it should be? Or are matters interrelated and interdependent?

    Despite accusations, we do not condemn ALL Muslims. We are NOT Republicans. We DO condemn the millions who despise Israel, Jews, American, Westerners, and even our accusers who label us. Ironic, but we actually do it in the name of human rights: for Jews, Americans, women, gays, children, believers, and non-believers. Go figure!

    Since late 2006 I have criticized Obama, from the left! Yet now, because I have the audacity to express disappointment in his responses to the onslaught of the OIC, MB and Political Islam in their geopolitical attack against universal human rights, seen daily across the globe, I am harangued as right wing by self professed "better" Democrats than me.

    So it goes.

  4. You should front page this, School.

    If you don't, I might.

  5. volley and I would respond to this, but we've both been banned.

  6. Feel free. I am thinking I may cross-post it at my blog. 

  7. Sorry we still can't answer it because we are banned

  8. Brains.  Brains.  I want brains.

  9. Too bad it came to this. But, stuff happens. Onwards and upwards.

  10. Can you tell me how to ban people on blogspot?

  11. Hey, look, it's Matt of Matt and Zach fame.

    The truth is that, as far as I know, one can only delete individual posts as they come.

    If you discover otherwise, please let me know.  

    I would think that there should be a simple way to block an IP address, but I do not see where that is available on blogspot.

    Best to your brother and keep up the good work.

    You guys kick ass.

  12. Yeah, that's what I thought. I didn't know if you knew some deep magic. I've just been deleting individual comments as well.

    Thanks for the kind words and hope all is well.

  13. Michael,

    Rather than to ban such persons, I recommend to be mindful, and to not respond unskillfully to the harmful wrong actions of such persons. I think that, maybe, such persons don't warrant being banned. However, I don't know whether or not such persons warrant being banned, and I realize that it's your blog, and I realize that, therefore, it's your call.

    I just, for various reasons, don't like the idea of banning, and I dislike, particularly, the idea of banning persons who are not flooding the forum with overt genocidal racist anti-Jewish/anti-Israeli lies, and I dislike, especially, the idea of the doing of banning by those of us who are Jewish who are endeavoring to counter a bigoted totalitarian racist genocidally anti-Jewish political movement/agenda whose adherents engage in the oppressive deceitful dishonest wrong action of banning the expression of information which conflicts with the bigoted racist genocidal ideology of the bigoted totalitarian racist genocidally anti-Jewish political movement/agenda that the adherents of that bigoted totalitarian racist genocidally anti-Jewish political movement/agenda hold.

    Rather than to ban persons who are not flooding the forum with overt genocidal racist anti-Jewish/anti-Israeli lies, I strongly recommend to do the following.

    Vigorously tell the factual history of the situation that Israel is in.

    "Conquer anger
    with lack of anger;
    bad, with good;
    stinginess, with a gift;
    a liar, with truth."

    The factual history of the situation that Israel is in:

  14. "Conquer anger
    with lack of anger;
    bad, with good;
    stinginess, with a gift;
    a liar, with truth."

    -- The Buddha

  15. Dan,

    their purpose here was not to engage, but to undermine any actual discussion.

    You'll notice that their sudden appearance coincided with my conversation with Fizziks in which we were beginning to get at the real issue of Democratic and progressive support for the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

    It's not easy engaging in that discussion and that was the precise moment that they chose to march in here in the nastiest way possible.