Saturday, February 25, 2012

OIC: A "deplorable act of incitement"

by oldschooltwentysix

So says the Secretary-General of our new friends over at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, with regard to the burning of the Quran by the US forces in Afghanistan. Even after the profuse apologies that said it was a mistake, he called it a provocative act.

According to Fars News Agency:
In a statement on Thursday, Ihsanoglu described the incident as a "deplorable act of incitement", and said that the act runs "contrary to the common efforts of the OIC and that of the international community …to combat intolerance, and incitement to hatred based on religion and belief."

When the Human Rights Council resumes in March, we can bet this "incitement" will be used by the OIC to conflate in its drive against freedom of speech, expression, and conscience, soon arriving at your door.

Imagine what they would say if we were not friends.


  1. And yet the world will deny there is a clash of civilizations.

    1. Some of the world does deny. I can understand. Who wants to face the prospect when it's the last thing one desires?

      But some of the world relishes that there is a clash, mostly those that want to force theirs on others.

  2. “This is a world in which nobody asked the Islamic Conference, a grouping of the 56 Islamic countries, to issue an apology when Christians are attacked and churches are burned in Egypt or in Pakistan. And had we heard a word from any Islamic leader anywhere about the radical Muslims in Nigeria who are not only burning the churches, but burning women and children who are in the churches, when I hear that, I’ll expect my president to start issuing apologies.”