Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Forward admits it: More Jews are becoming Republicans


Israel Matzav tells us that a recent Pew Poll reveals since 2008 more Jews are shifting to the Republican party. Democrats are not that worried. “The increase among Jews is greater than in the general public, and greater than the increase in an number of other religious groups,” said Alan Cooperman, associate director for research at Pew. Jews who support or lean Republican jumped from 20% in 2008 to 29% in 2011. And Jews who support or lean Democratic fell from 72% in 2008 to 65% in 2011. The 2011 study has a 6.5% margin of error. Republican Jewish officials greeted the survey as a confirmation of trend they claim to have observed for years. “Jews are shifting away from their traditional allegiance to the Democratic Party and are showing a willingness to support the Republican,” said Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition. “”The Democrats continue to lose support among Jewish voters.” Democrats pooh-poohed the study...."

Democrats are probably going to maintain Jewish support but no doubt this kind of news is going to hurt.


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  1. Good!

    I warned those assholes on Daily Kos about this 3 years ago and all I got in return was derision.

    But, heck, we're only 2 percent of the population so the Democrats do not need us.

    Good bye and good riddance is what I say.