Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Progressive Zionist Mierde

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I have to say, I could hardly be more disgusted.

Telling Jewish people they may not build housing for themselves in Judea and demonizing those who choose to live there?

Suggesting that certain kinds of Jews are not fit to be Americans?

Constantly blaming conservative Israelis for the fact that the Palestinians have never accepted a state for themselves?

Comparing the Likud to Hamas?

Refusing to really acknowledge the Jihad, despite 9/11, despite Daniel Pearl, despite the Fogels, even despite the Islamist Winter?

Backing Barack Obama despite the fact that he threw any potential for a negotiated end of conflict into the garbage entirely?

Giving as much credence to the "Palestinian narrative" as to historical truth?

And, perhaps most shamefully, refusing to really take one's own side in a fight.

This is "progressive" Zionism.

The very last thing in this world that Israel needs are American Jewish "progressives" telling them what's what.

I promise you that.



  1. You offer a good and persuasive bill of particulars, and I wonder some of the same myself.

    But don't be disgusted. In reality, this stuff is insignificant, just the white noise of theoretical arguments that can get quite ugly.

    Most people are more in tune than many advocates, and support for Israel in the USA is growing, not the other way around.

    It's hard to ignore what goes on. Events do not lie. Those that deny the obvious lose the ability to persuade.

    Even Obama, who has mangled some things, understands the reality of the American consensus from a peace and security standpoint. 

    We are largely observers, of the Middle East and Europe, where the real action is and will be played out, among those that will decide matters based on their own interests, hardly with an ear to voices far removed from the fray.

  2. I wouldn't trust a "progressive Zionist" as far as I could throw one.

    These people are convinced that the problem is not those who seek to kill Jews, but those Israelis who seek to prevent them from doing so.

    In any case, you are right that we are observers and that support for Israel remains strong in the US.  Of course, it is the progressives themselves, present company accepted, that seek to undermine that support.

    I would say at this point that any Jewish person who cares about Israel or, heck, who simply cares about the Jewish people, would be crazy to support the Democrats this cycle.

    They are not to be trusted and are unworthy of our support.

  3. Since the reply does not work at the moment, I started a reply here, but it ended up here: 

  4. Obama lies again! Now he wants a waiver from Congress so he can fund UNESCO, something his admin said it would NOT do if Palestine was admitted. How can we trust anything this guy says?

  5. But did you know that he was the first President to have a seder at the White House?

    In all seriousness, this will likely be glossed over by those who support him and it will be explained as a positive for Israel and Jews.

    Notwithstanding that it would renew the effort at statehood and accelerate UNESCO's anti-Israel agenda that seeks to remove Jewish history.

  6. It was UNESCO that decided that the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel's Tomb are actually mosques. 

    I wonder if "progressive Zionists" give a shit?

  7. Replies not working so.....UNESCO is an amazing hypocrite. Despite its stated goals it admitted Palestine which immediately put out a magazine with a girl saying she admired Hitler. Fools!

    And yes, what message will this send Palestinians and others in the ME....wait long enough and good old Obama will weasel out of any tough love he pretends to send their way.

    I just don't get this guy. He stands for nothing.