Monday, February 20, 2012

Netanyahu, Obama Schedule Iran Meeting


Netanyahu, Obama schedule Iran meeting

US president, Israeli prime minister to meet in White House on March 5th against backdrop of reports on possible Iran strike; Bibi to arrive in Washington next month for AIPAC conference

I wonder if Obama will actually allow Netanyahu to enter the White House via the front door?

Progressive distaste for Israel is so intense that Obama would rather see Iran get the bomb than for Israel to prevent it.

But, then, what would we expect from an American president that quite literally helped bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt?



  1. I wrote a post on Obama and the MB here:

    As for Netanyahu, surely there is dislike from some elements. Are they capable of giving the man his due, ever? I suggest this news story, that his January peace offering to the PA was just like Livni's at Annapolis.

    It's too bad that the "progressives" you mentioned spend so much time looking at Republicans and pro-Israel types they do not like, rather than stories like the upcoming Harvard conference on how to realize a one state solution.

    This is where I find they drop the ball in trying to advance their cause.  

  2. I agree.

    One of my major criticisms of the progressive movement is that they simply cannot bring themselves to honestly face the rise of political Islam or the influence of anti-Semitic anti-Zionism within their political movement.

    Part of what pisses me off about this thing is that I have no great desire to focus on it, either, but feel that I need to so long as they refuse.

    It's their neglect of these vital topics that helps drive my concern for them.

  3.  Bibi can never be anything but an enemy to the progressives no matter what he does. He is "right wing," after all. Therefore, he represents every evil their minds can summon.

    It's a simplistic Manichean equation which serves no real good except to massage their narcissistic sense of superior morality. He's far from perfect...just like every single PM before him. 

  4. And Israel has fought no wars under a PM Netanyahu.