Monday, February 13, 2012

Is It War Yet?


In the news today, Iran and/or Hezbollah, Iran's surrogate,
have attacked Israeli embassies in New Delhi, India and Tbilisi, Georgia. Iran is, of course, denying any role in the attack.

Yesterday, Israel Matzav reported that news agencies have been renting rooftops in Tel Aviv, presumably to report live on soon anticipated war.

Suffice it to say that over the last week or two, it's beginning to feel more and more like war is on the horizon.

Very interesting stuff. In the meantime, best buddy Obama is not looking so buddy like according to Newsweek. (courtesy Israel Matzav)

Newsweek is reporting that with Iran approaching a nuclear weapon, President Obama refuses to commit to Israel that he will go to war to stop Iran, and both Israel and the United States are withholding intelligence information from each other on Iran.


  1. War?

    I don't think that it is going to come to war, Doodad.  I sure as hell hope not, anyway.

    But that doesn't mean that the US should allow Iran to gain nuclear weaponry.  We may need to hit their reactors and facilities, because there is no way in hell that the West should allow the ayatollah's to gain that kind of power.

    The truth, tho, is that Obama is far too feckless to actually stop Iran and therefore Israel will probably have to do it.

    When that happens, prepare yourself for the onslaught of hatred.

  2. "Israel launched attacks against its own embassies in New Dehli and
    Tbilisi in order to "tarnish Iran's friendly ties with the host
    countries," Iran said on Monday, after denying Israeli accusations that Tehran and its ally in Hezbollah were involved in the plots. Iranian
    Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said that "Israel
    perpetrated the terror actions to launch psychological warfare against
    Iran," according to the state Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA)."

    Where do they get these clowns? Is it something in the water?